Dishonored Definitive Edition Review | Brash Games

Remaster. Remake. Definitive. These have all become strangely dirty words in the past few years. With a relative dearth of genuine new content for the Xbox One, and in particular, the PS4, the gaps have subsequently been filled by up-scaled versions of games that the majority of us have already played on the PS3 or 360. Sure, some games are unquestionably worthy of a second crack of the whip, while others receive enough additional polish to make them feel like relatively new experiences, but recently, jeez, we have seen some odd games receiving the ‘Definitive’ treatment. Prototype 1 and 2, Sleeping Dogs, heck, even The Legend of Kay got a re-release…..The Legend of Kay for Heaven’s sake. And with the utterly mediocre likes of Resident Evil 0 and Deadpool just around the corner, it seems that there is no end in sight for this glut of largely unwanted remakes and re-masters.

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