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Chelsea have already smashed my Arsenal in the community shield (5-1, actually), so I wasn’t relishing the chance to play them again in the league. Diego Costa was an absolute animal up front, he won every header, and is strong as a bull against Koscielny and Mertesacker. But I’ve signed Benatia from Bayern Munich, and I’ve switched to a 4-4-2, giving Giroud more support up top (and bringing him to life in the opening league games), so I’m hopeful.

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za3redrum1159d ago

I don't like reviews coming out even before the online component did launch, although, it's a good game, played it myself this weekend also.

GodisaGeek1159d ago

We played MyClub, and that's an online component.

3-4-51159d ago

The core mechanics and gameplay of any sports game are in it's OFFLINE Franchise / manager mode.

Online doesn't factor in as that relevant because it's completely dependent upon the actions of other random people online.

^ This can make it a great or poor experience that isn't the fault either way of Konami and the PES dev team, but other human players.

I don't get the online obsession in sports games, as that is where most of the BS happens anyways.

FPS yes I get that, but the best gameplay and most pure aspects of any good sports games are in the offline single player main mode.

smolinsk1159d ago

Don't play the online part in ether pes or fifa, if it's not 1 to 1 the who cares, to much lag and slowdown, even just a little bit makes the online part unplayable in football games.

HxCGamer1159d ago

online is definitely playable on fifa. It's the reason FUT is the most important mode.

smolinsk1159d ago

Yes its playable, but not 1 to 1 without lag and slowdown, as long as it is in that state, then its not playable for me.