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Yet there's little worth in assessing soccer sims by the weight of their game modes, or indeed, the breadth of their official licences. All that truly matters is what unfolds in those virtual ninety minutes, either against a friend, an online stranger, or the computer. On that test alone, PES 2016 represents the best game in the series since the PlayStation 2 era.

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greenmiker1185d ago

Very positive review by gamespot. Lets who wins this year? Fifa or PES?

Angeljuice1185d ago

This puts paid to the "Konami is dead without MGS" rubbish. I hope it sells well.

iistuii1185d ago

Go through a complete season without getting fouled by the AI isn't a nitpick, it's a real game breaker. It's like a training match, which is a shame as it's a nice fluid gameplay ruined by the AI.

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Masta Kaos1185d ago

Are you gonna keep post that comment on every PES review? chill out man....we don't care if u got fouled or not because u lying.

iistuii1185d ago

No not all, just the ones who give a 9 for half a game. I swear reviewers these days just make it up as they go along. It's not just this game, it's reviews in general. I mean would you do a rugby game without scrums, would you do a racing game without overtaking. It's a joke how these reviewers can state it's AI doesn't foul & it's unrealistic, but we give it a 9. There you go I'm chilled out now it's off my chest.

TKCMuzzer1184d ago

I played the demo the other day and got nailed twice within half an hour. I played the Fifa demo and gave a penalty away without touching a button, now which is worse? The latter is as the control is taken away from the player.
I loved the demo and can't wait for the game.

iceman061184d ago are seriously on a crusade. I can't really tell whether or not you actually LIKE the game or you are just hating. With the statement "just the ones that give a 9 for a half a game", it's really unclear. Lack of fouls in NO WAY constitutes a "half a game". You act as if fouling is the sum of football...and it's not. Tactical fouling is part of the game. Fouls are part of the game. (and I get that it's not up to par) But, having less fouls doesn't kill a game. Hell, when physics were first put into FIFA there were plays where you'd be mugged and stuck in...let's just say awkward positions...and no fouls were given. Where was the crusade then?
I like both games this year. (at least from the demo) Both games have little, niggling issues this year.

iistuii1184d ago

I'm on a crusade because I want a game that I can play single player & enjoy. Sorry, but free kicks are massive in football, forget FIFA, I'm not on about FIFA, there is no way you can give a nearly perfect score to a football game when the reviewer clearly states you don't get fouled. I wish I could show you some proof, oh, you can check my gamertag I suppose, I played a complete season on PES 15 & had one foul, cmon, that's ridiculous. The forums on the PES sites were asking for them to sort it out last year & they haven't done so. I play football, I watch football, & I'm yet to go to any match where there isn't a foul.

iceman061184d ago

Once again, I will just say what I said before. Yes, there is a problem with the foul system. (more the detection of fouls) But, IMO, that doesn't render the game as unplayable as you seem to think it does. I played the sport for over 13 years and still continue to watch. I agree, you don't go a full game without fouls. That being said, I don't go a full game of PES without SOMEONE getting fouled on my team. (I play a lot of the Master League)
In the end, I would like for them to get a better balance. But, that doesn't kill my enjoyment of the game. Had the shooting, passing, or general responsiveness of the controls been a problem...THAT would be a broken game. As it is, it's a highly functional and pretty damn good game of football...despite the lack of fouls.

iistuii1184d ago

I can see I'm wasting my time. You do know that without fouls there's no free kicks there's no penalties there's no yellow cards & there's no sending offs. But that's ok they pass it nicely its a 9. I'm done, forget it.

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ocelot071185d ago

First time I played the PES demo I was awarded a free kick in the first minute. Had plenty of free kicks and a few penalties on the demo since it came out. I agree that it is hard to win a free kick. You have to sort of draw them into the tackle (you know like real life).

TKCMuzzer1184d ago

In a 10 min footy video game a lot of free kicks can become frustrating, as I have said before I get free kicks against me on Fifa without even trying to tackle.

iceman061184d ago

You pretty much nailed it with the idea that you have to draw them in for penalties. It's extremely rare that I get a penalty in simple run of play. However, making darting dribbles near the defender does enhance the chances.