Fake MGS announcement website now links us to a Silent Hills revival petition

The fake website that had trolled people for an upcoming MGSV announcement from Hideo Kojima has recently changed its course. Instead of having us being linked to complete randomness, the link takes us to the revival of 'Silent Hills' petition. With Del Toro's signature, along with 183,000 others, could Konami reconsider bringing back 'Silent Hills'?

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Thatguy-3101159d ago

Tgs is coming!!!! Hopefully bombs drop

DarkOcelet1159d ago

Imagine Dark Cloud 3 or Ni Nu kuni 2 and maybe Square could revive another one of their games, maybe Parasite Eve Reboot or Vagrant Story 2.

So hyped!!!

I_am_Batman1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Yeah that sounds too good to be likely. On the other hand we got TLG, Shenmue3 and FFVII remake announcements at E3 so who knows :D

Vagrant Story 2 would be a dream come true (or a new Chrono game).

Timesplitter141159d ago

Imagine if we could all fly

Timesplitter141159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

I don't even know what to expect out of TGS anymore. For the last 6 years, TGS only meant one thing to me: possible Last Guardian announcement

chrisx1159d ago

cant wait for TGS. some cool games announcements incoming

Mikeyy1159d ago

I really do want Silent Hills but if Kojima isn't involved then I'm not sure about it.

Other "teams" have taken their cracks at Silent Hill and each one has failed abysmally. Not sure anybody else could pull it off to be honest.

kenwonobi1158d ago

I want Silent Hill. Its still buzz for it. Maybe they even created viral buzz now. So use this small window of viral buzz to put it back in production. If you wait the buzz will die down. Right now it's hot and people want it.

AnotherProGamer1158d ago

guys its not Silent Hills, its a completely different survival horror game called "Black Hound" and they said its coming out in 2018