Jimmy Kimmel Destiny Preorder Skit Fiasco And Why Preordering Games Are Useless

Poli Games discusses the horrible Jimmy Kimmel Skit about Destiny The Taken King. Poli Games goes into depth how Preordering games are becoming irrelevant and gimmicky. Do you Preorder games? Why or why not?

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Thatguy-3101187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

People pre-order games for two reasons.
1. Get exclusive content for said retailers
2. Pay the game or product throughout time leading up to release.

Gone are the days of experiencing shortages when it comes to retail games. It happens but it's rare. A great example I can use is when I tried getting ni-no-kuni. Seeing how it was a niche title a lot of stores didn't expect a lot of people to go for it so they experienced shortages.

zekk1186d ago

Depends on the game. Fire emblem awakening was sold out for months where I'm from so if you didn't preorder you were out of luck. Shadow of mirror on next gen and last of us on ps3 were difficult to get as well without a preorder. Rory didn't ship to many the first week. Collectors editions of plenty of games were sold out before the games were actually launched like mighty no. 9 and ni no kuni. So preorders still have a purpose. I find it funny when people complain about preorders and refuse to do them and then bitch and complain when they can't get a copy.

3-4-51186d ago


I didn't pre-order at Gamestop so I had to hunt it down at Target the day it released and there was only one copy left.

kneon1186d ago

I pre-ordered dozens of games over the last few years at 20-33% discount. I have some that were ordered two years ago that have only just shipped recently, or will release in the next year. when taken against the new higher prices the discounts are as much as 50%.

dangert121186d ago

People like me find it hard to keep the money to the side...we pre order so we don't spend it and can actually get the game upon release lol

ninsigma1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I only pre order my most anticipated games and collectors editions, so that I make sure to get them day one. Currently have uc4, halo 5 limited edition, ttk collectors edition and kh 3 pre ordered. These are the games I'm most psyched about. Others games like gears of war and until dawn I didn't feel like theye would need to be pre ordered and I was right. I didn't buy either of them day one and I didn't pre order but I was able to just walk in to a gamestop to get gears a couple days later and my girlfriend did the same for getting UD a couple weeks after its release. I don't do it for the exclusive items or anything, it's simply an assurance of getting it day one for me.

I will also never pre order digital games again though. I gut burned by arkham knight on that. Had it pre ordered for ages and when it came out the pc version was crap so thank God for steams refund policy. Unfortunately I couldn't get the money back because I had pre ordered witcher 3 in the same transaction and the down side to the policy is the whole transaction needs to be refunded if you want the money back (witcher didn't qualify for the refund and I wouldn't have donever it anyway, great game). Got the money put into my steam wallet so I have 50 euro sitting there waiting for a worthwhile game.

SolidGear31186d ago

Funny because I went to two WalMart and three Gamestop stores before I found 1 copy of Until Dawn.

ninsigma1186d ago

I live in Ireland so the market for UD would probably bigger in the states than here.

blackblades1186d ago

Never pre-order cause I like buying my games at $20 and it's stupid imo. My friends pre-order mkx on ps3 and lost $60 cause gamestop screwed. Also this video is boring, needs entertainment.

Kingoftherodeo1186d ago

this skit was brought to you by gamestop. i preorder my games at microsoft store every game i buy i get 10 xbox gift card plus the pre order bonus.

Antifan1186d ago

Pre-ordering is a scam. My girlfriend preordered the Order 1886, came a whole 2 weeks after release, plus the game was garbage at that. It's best to get these games 5-6 months later. Only impatient people Preorder, but then whine and complain how the game is broken. Your fault.

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