Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gets A Brand New Update On PS4 And PC,Fixes Quiet Save Data Bug

Konami has released a brand new update for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on the PS4. This update will fix the Quiet save data corruption bug that was discovered after the game’s launch. This bug could potentially wipe out the complete save data of the game, resulting in loss of progress for the players.

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FallenAngel19841128d ago

Does this apply to all the versions of the game or just these two

DarkLordMalik1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Xbox One patch will be released too, after the PS4 and PC. Same goes for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Piffgaming1128d ago Show
zidane13411127d ago

At piffgaming, are you 12? You do realize the Xbox one is outselling the rate the Xbox 360 sold. Oh let me guess, there weren't that many people that played that too??

Gaming1011127d ago

Piff is correct, and so is zidane. The X-bone is outselling the 360 by quite a large margin... the 360 sold about 12 copies. (It's a joke, stop being butthurt)

Seriously, last gen was a waste of time. Almost 80% of total sales were on PS4, and as time goes on that percentage may be even higher as sales continue to climb overall.

SaveFerris1128d ago

Is this patch likely to fix the gun customisation on PC?

zidane13411127d ago

What are you talking about? I hope it fixes a stutter problem.

SaveFerris1127d ago

Sorry, I don't think I was clear enough. Currently on the PC version there is a glitch that allows you to create 'unusual' customised weapons. I was just wondering if Konami was going to stop this as it wasn't intended.

Ciporta19801128d ago

Woah why don't I get this update on the same date for my Xbox one?

Kalebninja1128d ago

Well considering the sales numbers we've seen. Xbox isn't really a priority for them.

krypt19831127d ago

I think you mean the xb1 version works flawlessly and really don't need a patch so we ain't complaining ...

zidane13411127d ago

Obviously Xbox isn't a priority because online still doesn't work for me. Irritates me. And not Yo mention that stuttering and unresponsive glitch that happens so often. I love this game and overlook those, but jesus Konami .Is this the last thing I'm buying from you.

DEEBO1128d ago

It's ok i like working alone anyways.(BigBoss)

Those juggs too distracting,having a hard time getting my staff in order when she's on the ACC.

Moe-Gunz1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Lol in the end it doesn't even matter.

Some of you know what I mean.

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