Naughty Dog Announces “Uncharted Moments” Livestream, Coming Tomorrow

Naughty Dog just announced something interesting coming tomorrow, in the form of a livestream named “Uncharted Moments.”

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Aloy-Boyfriend856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

I just hope they don't spoil the game too much.

Harkins1721856d ago

I doubt they will. You always have the option to not watch it! Thats what I do with FFXV! lol

XboxOneX856d ago

Naughty Dog will make sure it does not spoil the game. I am looking forward to the stream, hopefully it all goes smooth and the servers do not go down during the livestream. I can imagine a lot of people will want to see this.

Thatguy-310856d ago

That's what happened with Drakes deception. They literally showed everything before the game came out through trailers, stage demo's, previews etc. I think they learned from it because we have to seen scrap from A Thieves End.

SCW1982856d ago

Yeah they really did show way too much of that game.

StrayaKNT856d ago

Can't wait for uncharted 4. I'll have to play this collection before it comes out though.

AquarianKing856d ago ShowReplies(2)
OB1Biker856d ago

And the Drake Collection release date is just right IMO
I think a lot of people will go for it.