Mad Max mission bug forcing players to start all over again

MMGN writes: Avalanche Software's Mad Max has been receiving mixed to positive reviews, and the general consensus on the MMGN forums seems to be mostly praising of the open-world action game.

However, a crippling bug (or perhaps just a poorly-designed mission) early in the game is forcing a lot of players to start a new save.

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Kalebninja1188d ago

What are the odds two games that come out on the same day have such a similar bug.

ChronoJoe1188d ago

This one isn't so much a bug as a design oversight. Fortunately, this one also occurs much earlier than the one in MGSV.

Zombiesfeelpain1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

I managed to bypass this bug a couple of days ago, I followed this video, hope this helps. ^_^

shloobmm31188d ago

I went way past all of this and all i had to do was simply equip the other parts when the missions deemed it necessary even if i had already upgraded way past it. Just equip the parts, each one will have a green circle next to it.

Kingdomcome2471188d ago

Same here. I didn't read the article, but from your comment I assume the bug pertains to building the first archangel, "The Jack?" I too was far too upgraded, but as soon as I completed the requirement to reach Gutgash it allowed me to equip the lesser parts.

dimasok1188d ago

Same here. I just switched to the earlier parts until the mission was complete and then switched back to the better ones I unlocked prior to handing that mission in.

It seems that it depends on the chain of progress the played did. I guess some people were unlucky enough to hit the sort of conditions that were missed by the dev team.

HvK_ReApEr1188d ago

That sucks for those this happened to. I guess I was lucky had no crashes or anything my first playthrough