No Man’s Sky Release Date Might Be Delayed Due To Project Morpheus

The release date of No Man’s Sky may be delayed due to Sony’s Project Morpheus.

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PCGamingNoobs1190d ago

I would be surprised if it wasn't at this point to be honest. And i wouldn't complain. Bundle no man's sky with every morpheus and watch those sales numbers.

Abash1190d ago

No Man's Sky has some amazing looking exploration, I would definitely get Project Morpheus at launch if that was one of the games that supported it early on

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Septic1190d ago

Hey if its coming out with Project Morpheus, that would be INSANE. What a game to launch that peripheral with.

frostypants1189d ago

I've been worried that Morpheus will need a "real" game to truly succeed out of the gate...something other than glorified tech demos. This would fill that void well.

Thatguy-3101190d ago

Anyone with a brain saw this coming. There's a reason why they've been shush about a release date. Put one and one together and you can see that they want to have it as one of the flagship titles for morpheus. I'm curious to see how they market this. Just imagine how big it'll be if it reaches the mainstream like minecraft did.

freshslicepizza1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

sony needs a high profile title to help sell morpheus. sadly this means those not interested in morpheus will still have to wait. this is also what the creator of no mans sky said months ago about a release date,

"I guess there’s two things, when the release date is, but also when we announce that date," Murray said. "We can’t announce the date right now, because of things that are not entirely in our control, but honestly for good reasons. It’ll be announced as soon as we can."

see the words not entirely in his control? that to me suggest the exclusive deals going on with sony and sony has not confirmed a release date for morpheus or even a suggestive retail price.

what will be an even bigger bummer is if sony has some sort of deal to make sure we don't see this game on other virtual headsets like oculus because they want people to buy morpheus instead. i wouldn't put it past them.

_-EDMIX-_1190d ago

@Moldy- "what will be an even bigger bummer is if sony has some sort of deal to make sure we don't see this game on other virtual headsets"

Sony doesn't own the team nor the IP, I'm pretty sure thats not the case. Sony is not publishing this game on PS or on PC, it will be on Oculus Rift by default of coming to PC, people have been putting games on OR that are not even officially supported...

If they wanted it that bad, they would have bought the team and published it only on PS.

Its hard to say the want this or that when the team is publishing and retains the IP and its coming to PC day and date.

I think your reaching way out for this one. This game will be on OR, it will likely be on XONE too etc. More suggest that then that it will only be on Morpheus as VR. Again, consider Sony doesn't own the team or IP.

freshslicepizza1190d ago


they don't own the studio but they do have a timed exclusive deal with the game just like they did with joe danger.

_-EDMIX-_1190d ago

@Mold- They do.....where did you get such a deal meant they would have such control?

Mind you, Sony isn't even publishing this title like they did Joe Danger so clearly its much lessor then even that if you consider it still come out on XB when MS published it and came to PC afterwards.

This is coming to PC day and date by Hello Games, thus the deal is lessor.

How could a lessor deal yield MORE control for Sony? lol I don't see it being ONLY on VR on PS4, it will be supported on PC and even if Hello Games don't make it support OR...someone will, again we have games on OR that are working and are not even officially supported by the developer or publisher lol

How could Sony even enforce such a thing on PC when other developers can't even with OR right now?

It just sounds like your reaching with not much evidence to support the claim.

freshslicepizza1190d ago

the game was supposed to come out before the pc version, now it looks like it might actually be the ps4 version stalling the pc release because of morpheus.

_-EDMIX-_1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

@Mold- I agree with that too......that doesn't really mean Sony has anything to do with a VR only for PS4 version type deal. This game has never had a release date, the deal they had was it was coming to PS4 first.....its now coming to PC and PS4 day and date.

That actually suggest they don't have a super solid deal with this game, lol that actually works more so against what your suggesting.

ie its not even timed on PS4, it day and date on PC.

Sooo what that being said, where do you get Sony has some pull that will make VR only on PS4 and not on PC when its not even ONLY coming to PS4?

I love how you avoid answering any questions too. =)

Sooo " How could Sony even enforce such a thing on PC when other developers can't even with OR right now?"


"Sony doesn't own the team nor the IP"

freshslicepizza1189d ago

"Sooo what that being said, where do you get Sony has some pull that will make VR only on PS4 and not on PC when its not even ONLY coming to PS4?"

i am guessing because of the wording from the creator who said the release date is not entirely in his control. sony is also battling it out with morpheus against other vr headsets. which is why i wouldn't put it past sony to try and use no mans sky as leverage to get people to buy morpheus. they will need identifiable software to get the masses to buy it. what better way than to use one of the hottest new games? i have no concrete evidence morpheus will have some timed exclusive vr deal, it is my guess only, happy?

"Sooo " How could Sony even enforce such a thing on PC when other developers can't even with OR right now?"

easy, they work directly with the developer and have a deal in place. you don't need to own the ip to have an exclusive deal going on in the background.

"Sony doesn't own the team nor the IP"

microsoft doesn't own ryse or dead rising 3 either and both appeared on the pc later. sony could easily make such a deal and they already have a relationship with the developer.

"I love how you avoid answering any questions too. =)"

that's funny.

ThanatosDMC1185d ago

Unreal Tournament 2016 timed exclusive for PSVR according to gaf.

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jb2271190d ago

The article is sourcing this "rumor" based off of some speculation from a site called Movie Pilot... Obviously not a gaming dedicated website and no basis presented as to how this is even a rumor or anything more than one persons speculation. The article also says that no games have been shown on the Morpheus yet if that tells you anything about the credibility of this "rumor"...article should be taken down. I will doubt this until there's at least some form of proof. Highly doubt Sony will delay a game with this kind of hype for its console release just to add to the library of VR games that are already confirmed to be in development. I could see them potentially adding that functionality down the line maybe but not delaying the title full stop to patch it in.

Spyroo1190d ago



mogwaii1190d ago

Saw this exact same comment a few weeks ago in a different article....word for word.

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Perjoss1189d ago

I had a feeling this was going to happen, first clue was when Hello Games said they could not give a release date due to a matter which was out of their hands.

Its all good though, i think this will be a very good thing for both NMS and for Project Morpheus. This is exactly what VR needs, big titles at launch, not 6 to 12 months afterwards.

jb2271189d ago

This is purely second hand speculation. It'd be no different than if I was to write an article solely sourcing one of the comments on this thread. No basis for it whatsoever. I'd say timelines would dictate that this title will ship prior to Morpheus, & definitely not afterwards. Chances are Morpheus is closer to Holiday 2016, and NMS will remain as interesting a proposition in its original console state as it could in VR, so it wouldn't necessitate a simultaneous release in any case. Seems like Sony has at least a half dozen studios working on Morpheus titles and considering they may be shorter experiences, it shouldn't take them long to develop & finish. I'd guess that the big mainline Morpheus titles will be rolling out at PSX, along w/ stuff like London Heist that we've already seen. Morpheus support for NMS could be possible but I'd see it more as an additive to the core experience than the main way it'll be pushed.

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Foehammer1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Doesn't seem like a good reason to hold back a release.

That's like waiting to release a racing game so a company can develop support for a wheel and pedal peripheral.

They mention Oculus Rift but will they wait for that too or is that already working?

I'm willing to give the new stuff a try, but most of us lived through 3D, and while it was something to show off at parties, I think its appeal has wained. Will this be the same? Will it cause headaches? Will it be the next big thing since 3D, time will tell.

capjacksparrow1190d ago

I tried Morpheus as the first unveiling, and I gotta say, as long as there is software to support it, they already have my money. The immersion is something else. Totally worth it.

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Angeljuice1189d ago

Stop shouting I have a headache.

mikel10151190d ago

Keep delaying the game and no one will care anymore. People lose interest after a while

Rimeskeem1190d ago

Thats not true in many cases i.e The Last Guardian

81BX1189d ago

Tlg has lost steam. Not to the point where no one cares but its dropped. I personally am looking forward to both no mans and tlg.

Sora_19941190d ago

The last guardian,ffxv,kingdom hearts 3,shenume 3...yeaaa i think gamers are patient when they want to be

Ck1x1190d ago

This game isn't even in the league of those games you named... Your list of games already have a follow either from previous games in the series or games made by the same developer.

MrSwankSinatra1190d ago

Shenmue 3 was never a game in development and neither was KH3. So you really can't use those as examples of the company announcing those games and pushing them back.

amnalehu1190d ago

How can it be delayed when there never was a release date in the first place?

_-EDMIX-_1190d ago

Yes, because people only care about games when they are announced and not when they are playable. you know how many Nintendo games have been delayed? lol

You sure folks are just in it based on timing and not for the game in general?

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OB1Biker1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

' Microsoft has showed off “Minecraft” with Hololens but Sony has not demonstrated its VR headset with any game yet.'
And then a quote from Sean Murray last year...

Thats how relevant this source is :/

DigitalRaptor1190d ago


This website just got an instant down vote. Moving on.

Gearsiege1190d ago

The article says MIGHT be delayed! not will.

-Foxtrot1190d ago

Hope not. We've been waiting release for a long time now. For non Morpheus players it's a little unfair. I just want the game.

I do hope they show us more content the game offers us though, I know it's the main point of the game but all we've seen is exploring, they don't really go into the mechanics of other things....then there's crafting aswell and setting up your own home, that has to be there

BitbyDeath1190d ago

I don't think this game is about settling down. Keep moving, keep shooting, upgrade and survive.

_-EDMIX-_1190d ago

" but all we've seen is exploring" nope, its just all you've seen. You don't speak for all gamers, hell the fact that you haven't even looked up that more has been shown is enough to just ignore you.

-Foxtrot1189d ago

You have such an attitude problem

MysticStrummer1189d ago

"all we've seen is exploring"

"setting up your own home, that has to be there"

Those two quotes don't go well with "I just want the game". No you don't, unless you purposefully avoid all information about it and simply make up your own previews in your head.

-Foxtrot1189d ago's more like a "wish"

"Man that has to be there"

You know, like a personal thing.

Jeez, some people on this site. Anything else you want to bite my head off over?

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