Game Changers- Super Mario Bros

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros, Techraptors Robert Grosso discusses how the flagship Nintendo title was a Game Changer in the gaming industry, going through the design and sale of the most famous platformer in the world.

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I remember the first time I played Super Mario Brothers. I went out after school to my friends house. I was in about grade 5 and he had the first NES I had the privilege of seeing with Mario running on it. The NES had the most beautiful graphics and sound I've ever seen in my life up to that point. I knew right away I had to have this. It was such an amazing game it was such an amazing system happy birthday Mario

StrayaKNT1185d ago

MY first game and console :)

I-Hate-usernames1185d ago

Im still playing it till today from time to time.