Windows 10 on Xbox One Is Called "OneCore;" it's "Highly Customized;" Xbox One App Getting Preview

Director of Program Management, Xbox and Windows Platform Mike Ybarra gave some more information about Windows 10 on Xbox One, also talking about some of the goodies waiting Microsoft fans in the near future.

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Foehammer1185d ago

"The team has spreadsheets with comparison data on how long it takes to execute tasks on Xbox 360, on Xbox One today and with the new Xbox One experience. With some features, it’s 50% faster and easier to get things going."

Great, I've never thought it was slow but I won't complain if it's lightning fast.

mhunterjr1185d ago

Something are pretty slow for me... especially anything involving snap (starting a party, sending an invite etc)

It wasn't unforgivably slow, but noticeably slower than on 360...

I'm extremely excited about the update.

therevolution1185d ago

I hear you, at first my X1 was lightning quick, but lately certain apps have been noticeably laggy and even crash while in use, so I'm really looking forward to the update

donthate1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

A lot of the speed issues people have is related to their internet. For a snappy experience with the Xbox One OS, you need a low latency connection.

This is going to be one sweet dashboard update.

MS kicks it out of the ballpark again. Hard to see how one can resist the Xbox One at this point. Stellar game lineup, monthly feature updates, new massive dashboard with Windows 10/OneCore, DX12, cross-buy/play, backwards compatibility, BC Xbox 360 games that work on Xbox One with GwG free, free Xbox 360 games with pre-order, and cloud technology for Crackdown 3 next year.

Amazing in my opinion and nobody else is close to providing this on their platform!

shloobmm31185d ago

My 360 is super slow for me but its directly related to the size of the profile. My wifes is lightning quick with her like 1000 gamerscore but mine is over 100k and it takes a good 3 to 4 minutes just to sign in.

APexGamer451185d ago


X1 interface is bit slow at times and has nothing to do with internet connections... Are you kidding me?

lol and wow at that level of damage control.

Either way great news that it will now be improved.

mhunterjr1185d ago


The issues I'm talking about have nothing to do with my internet connect... Which is about as good as it gets....

conanlifts1184d ago

I have always found my Xbox one to be much faster than my 360. Having said that I generally don't use snap, I just press home and load the item I want from the screen. I have a curiosity as to whether you run your programs from the drive on the Xbox one or an external drive. All of my programs are installed externally to a fast usb 3 drive, so I wonder if this has made a difference, it certainly sped up install times.

Piffgaming1184d ago Show
Mehmeh1184d ago


Id say the console is fine, but your comment is garbage

Kingthrash3601184d ago

The Internet speed isn't the problem
I have the fastest Internet time warner has to offer. For instance putting a game in for the first time took literally 25 to 30 minutes. A physical disc. To me that isn't something to overlook seeing that ANY CONSOLE EVER has never taken this long for a disc to load up. But I guess that's something we'll say is forgivable or not that bad...but turn around and complain about how long it takes the Xbox one to boot up from a cold boot...smh
So I'm glad something might be done about this after 2 years. Also the ESPN has super lag in it too. I hope this will help that it's the main thing I use my xbox for.

SirJoJo1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )


Whaaat! Are you meaning the install time? if so, you are correct, its actually a lot quicker to digitally download the game (I have a 150mg Fibre connection so I guess that helps too), I only have 2 games on disk, I download all my games now as its just a lot quicker than installing from disk (usb 3.0, 3TB external HD). Hopefully they improve it with the new update but to be honest I quite enjoy not needing the disk, its sooo satisfying when playing a game and then once I've had my fill of it, "Xbox go to Killer Instinct" and bam! i'm straight in there Ultra combos galore!.

steve30x1184d ago

if your xbox one is being slow try trick #9 on this video. It might or miht not help

UnHoly_One1184d ago

I really like the sound of this part.

"The new Xbox One experience is also very different for developers, that will be able to directly communicate with users announcing patches, calling votes on features and so forth."

TheCommentator1184d ago

@all the XB1 is so slow comments

It's because XB1 was designed to run Win10, not the current OS with all its patches which is slower now than at launch.

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parentsbasement1185d ago

hahaha....disagrees....this place is too funny...

aerisbueller1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Although the OS is also faster, I believe (based off of what was said in other interviews) the speed of getting things done they're talking about is overhauling the UI so doing common tasks requires less steps and menus

raggy-rocket1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Wow, loving the name. 'Onecore', very sharp. The screenshot looks great, keeping what I loved about current UI but improving it and rearranging a few things to make it super fast. 50% faster on some apps (Hopefully that include Achievements and Friends, they could do with a speed boost). Looking great, hopefully with Windows 10, Xbox will get a lot more PC games quickly and easily ported across in less then a few days for the dev. Should do wonders to bolster the game library.

I always feel like Xbox has something in the future that will better the console. First it was all the functionality they added in the first year, then there's DX12, then there's windows 10, then there's cloud compute, then Hololens, who knows what else they've got in store. Very glad to be an Xbox owner right now (P.S No, I'm not saying these things are any kind of secret sauce, just glad to see them making the console, games and the general experience better)

MeliMel1185d ago

Hell yeah...what you said!

CrunchyToadRoll1185d ago

For reals... This looks fantastical all around. Can't wait to go hands on with it.

AquarianKing1185d ago

Sounds like the one is trying to be a PC

poppinslops1185d ago


Considering PCs just got an xbox app, I'd say it's the other way around... either way, both platforms are better with Win10.

aerisbueller1184d ago

I think making the console more like a PC is a good thing. If it could run full fledged Windows 10 with the desktop and keyboard and mouse support it would become the best and most popular budget PC on the market. The more MS uses all of its branches to support and enhance each other the better position it will be in

Vasto1185d ago

Cant wait to try it out.

Rookie_Monster1185d ago

The best OS on console just got a heck lot better. This loOKs great!

Paytaa1185d ago

Really excited for the NXE. I remember in 2008 for the 360 they overhauled everything from the "Blades UI" and I loved that. This update looks way better and cleaner than the current layout.

CrunchyToadRoll1185d ago

Ahhhh. The Blades UI. What a mess that was.

Paytaa1185d ago

I didn't mind the Blades but I do think the 360 NXE improved it vastly. Anytime I see a video with the Blades in it the nostalgia from the Halo 3 release window takes over. The early 360 days were amazing. I'd love to relive the old community of then

Evil Rant Monkey1185d ago

They actually kept the blades system as the pop up menu on the 360.
I didn't mind blades either. It too reminds me of the early 360 days. Battlefield 2 modern combat anyone?

Concertoine1184d ago

Blades were awesome, super simple and no ads or any of that crap. The xbox started up faster since the marketplace was a seperate load screen rather than something you had to load every time you turned it on.

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