Tearaway Unfolded Review - Videogame Magic Meets Interactive Storybook | COG

COG writes - Media Molecule has created what is quite simply a masterpiece on the PS4. If you missed out on the original Tearaway for the PS Vita (which you quite likely did) you won't want to pass up on it now.

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generalwinter1188d ago

This looks right up my alley

MRBIGCAT1188d ago

solid score for this one, wow!

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1188d ago

I won't lie here, the PS4 continues to get some solid games, and add another one to the list.

CuHnadian1188d ago

Being a cynic myself, I take this positive review of a positive game that makes you feel positive as a challenge.

MercilessDMercer1188d ago

Oh. So, pick this up is what you're saying... Where's my wallet?

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The story is too old to be commented.