If You Don't Preorder Destiny: Taken King Your Dogs Will Abandon You, Funny Video Says

GameStop and Jimmy Kimmel have teamed up for a new video to promote Destiny: The Taken King.

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Bimkoblerutso1185d ago

This kind of cements my suspicions that Activision has been pumping a LOT of money (and lining a lot of journo pockets) into promoting this expansion.

Antifan1185d ago

I think they put more money in the ads than the actual game.

DefenderOfDoom21185d ago

I am getting Taken King and House of Wolves for 40 bucks, when i trade in Destiny . Besides i want a FPS to hold me over till November, when Fallout 4 comes our .

AstroCyborg1185d ago

fallouts an rpg not a fps

darren_poolies1185d ago

He never said it was an FPS, learn to read.

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