Street Fighter V’s Rashid’s V-Skill and V-Trigger revealed!

Street Fighter V‘s latest combatant, Rashid, was just revealed at Dubai Games 15 to hordes of fans expectantly awaiting the fruits of Yoshinori Ono’s teasing. What fans got was monumental is a number of ways: not only is this the first Arab character in Street Fighter (No, Pullum Purna does not count as the EX series is non-canon), but he is also the first “tricksy” (for lack of a more accurate term) fighter in SFV due to his evident mobility and setup gimmicks. We’ll just have to see if the rest of the roster brings us true terrors such as Ibuki and Akuma’s SFIV vortex games. At any rate, Rashid’s V-Skill and V-Trigger have been revealed by Capcom, and it would seem that a lot of his tricky nature stems from these.

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JMaine5181162d ago

I really like this character. I can see myself using him often.