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Zombie Defense provides good levels of strategy options due to how little it starts players off with, combined with the amount of upgrades and unlockables that can be purchased. Some players may find the gameplay and environments repetitive after a while, but those that enjoy creating their own strategies will find the end-game content worth fighting for.

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MrsNesbitt956d ago

Love these little zombie games! Good review!

Maple22956d ago

Sounds like a good play, shame about the repetitive nature of it though

Yukes956d ago

Generally the nature of Tower defence really. Plants vs Zombies is repetitive but still hasn't stopped me sinking nearly 100 hours into it :D

MrsNesbitt955d ago

P v Z <3 you gotta love em' or hate em'

Yukes956d ago

Love a good tower defense game on mobile, and particularly good to hear that there's good end-game content!