Bungie made Destiny’s Taken King raid in reverse & has a secret twist coming

Finally, Destiny: The Taken King is upon us. New content! New story! Even a new Ghost! It's Bungie's biggest and most ambitious expansion yet, with the update's centrepiece - the King's Fall raid, featuring new big bad Oryx - being set for release a few days later for regular Destiny players.

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GhettoBlasStarr1163d ago

My guess that there is some kind of Light & Dark mode. I'm looking forward to TTK and hope it's worth it but if it's not then I'll be moving on from Destiny.

bbad1162d ago

Maybe Oryx controls some of the players or makes taken copies of them.

GrimDragon1162d ago

Man and I thought Crota was a pain in the ass with that dam sword swipe and rage mode. Iam actually scared now lol.

Chaosdreams1162d ago

A twist?

Prob has a price tag attached to it.