Bayonetta 2 gets 4th price drop this week

Ok, so this is the 4th price drop this week for Bayonetta 2. It's either going to keep going, or it's suddenly going to rocket back up to the usual high price. Today's deal is the best price yet though.

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jg4xchamp1105d ago

This game deserves better.

Cindy-rella1105d ago

This game should be made for xbox one, ps4 and pc. I cant believe such an amazing game didnt garner way more sales. Im still hoping for a port to the other gaming platforms like zombie u.

gamingpro1105d ago

Xbone and ps4 mainly have casual players so they wouldn't appreciate quality games like this.

When the first bayonetta came out it sold like crap even with combined sales of both consoles.

Sony crowd in particular more interested in sales than quality games unfortunately.

LAWSON721105d ago

Won't happen, sooner fans realize this the better. This is a far different story than Zombie I

OhMyGandhi1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

seriously though...
This is the truth. This game would have done far better on a different platform. But then again, remember, this is a hack n slash game, without an open world to wander. It's as Japanese as it gets; a hypersexualized protagonist, with an intricate control set and deep combos that have a relatively steep learning curve, on the same platform as Mario Maker and Skylanders.

Information Minister1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

@ gamingpro - Casual gamers these days play on their smartphones/tablets, they don't spend $400+ on a device built for the sole purpose of gaming. Do you even believe the stuff that you write?

And while Bayonetta 1 did release across two systems, the PS3 version was a rushed, unpolished mess. The patch helped but it was too little too late. Potencial customers turned to DMC, Ninja Gaiden and God of War instead. The game could have been an Xbox exclusive and it would hardly put a dent in sales. This is coming from someone who owns all of these games, including Bayonetta.

EDIT - I would absolutely buy Bayonetta 2 on the PS4, by the way.

hatsume-miku1105d ago

Ok, but are you aware that this game exists only because Nintendo financed it? That's the reason why it's a WiiU exclusive.

triple_c1104d ago


Is that why the game also sold so poorly on the Wii U and didn't even break a million? Remember the whole #operationplatinum movement that was started to get this game to sell a million on the Wii U which it failed at doing so?

Going by your logic, the Wii U's install base is also filled with mainly casual players since the game sold so poorly and didn't hit a million on the Wii U even with the #operationplatinum movement.

jcnba281104d ago

Nah PS4 and X1 install base is mainly made up of casuals. The gem will be staying on Wii U.

wonderfulmonkeyman1104d ago

You're not going to get it.

Kamiya himself stated that the decision to port it to other systems is solely on Nintendo.

Because Nintendo paid out-of-pocket for every last cent of its development.
Platinum and Sega have no say in where it goes.
A sequel is a different story, but you'll never play Bay 2 on a PS4 or XBone unless Nintendo allows it.

And if you're not willing to play it just because you hate the system, then you're not a fan of the series, you're a console war soldier with a grudge.

Segata1104d ago

MS and Sony didn't want the game. Nintendo did. Deal with it.

Last_Boss1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Nope casuals bought Wii-Fit, and the huge reason Bayonetta didn't sell well the first time, was because it wasn't DMC and the main character is female.

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ShaunCameron1105d ago

True. But the first Bayonetta didn't fare that well as a multiplatform game which is why Sega didn't wanna publish the second Bayonetta.

Concertoine1104d ago

Honestly, all things considered, it's still done pretty well for a wii u game.

It's only getting price cuts in the UK, where the Wii U sells the worst. In the US i still see it for like 50 bucks, how many games from 2014 are still selling for that? If it wasn't still selling it would've gone down by now.

Spotie1104d ago

I don't think Sega did it many favors, either. I saw SOME commercials for it, but not many, and that abysmal port to PS3 didn't help at all.

Doodleburger1105d ago

It's a tits and ass button masher that sold poorly on a poor system,it doesn't deserve better. It got exactly what it deserved.

Nicaragua1105d ago

Thats nice dear, now run along and try not to say anything else stupid.

ShaunCameron1105d ago

Yeah. Because it wasn't on the PS4 and Xbox One.

jcnba281104d ago

God of war is a button masher. Bayonetta actually takes skill to pull off combos.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1104d ago

yet Bayonetta 2 had a way way way better attachment rate than the first one combined on PS360

Spotie1104d ago

@jcnba: lol at your uncontrollable urge to attack something Sony- erroneously, at that- when you feel something Nintendo is under attack.

@Otaku: No shit. The Wii U doesn't- and won't- have anything like 80 million units sold. It's generally easier to have a high attach rate early on, too, when there are less consoles on the market. But even the best-selling games of last generation didn't do better than 50%. And no, Wii Sports does not count, since it was bundled with some 50 million Wii consoles.

Why are either of you doing anything other than marking trolling as trolling? Why did you feel the need to turn it into console versus nonsense?

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Sly-Lupin1104d ago

While the MSRP may be nosediving in EU, in NA the price has steadily increased.

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thepatientgamer1105d ago

I wish it were this cheap in the states. It would be an instant purchase for me.

deafdani1105d ago

It's well worth the full retail price, especially if it also includes the first Bayo game. It's easily not only one of the best Wii U games out there, but one of the best games of this generation, period.

superchiller1105d ago

I'm sure it's a great game, but it really doesn't make it worthwhile to buy a Wii U. This game and a small handful of others are just not justification for buying the console, especially at the high price Nintendo is asking for it.

Sylth011105d ago


$300 ($200 refurbished) does not equate to a high price.

The library available on the Wii U does not equate to your very inspecific quantity of a 'small handful'.

Stop trying to talk trash using easily refutable 'facts' and opinion.

Sly-Lupin1104d ago

One game plus a "handful of others" is the only reason to buy ANY of the current consoles, though.

deafdani1104d ago

Chiller, the dude's post strongly implied he already owns a Wii U, so your reply to me is off-topic, and shows that you're just itching for any chance to trash-talk the Wii U, even when the situation doesn't call for it at all.


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Relientk771105d ago

Should have been on PS4 and XB1, oh well

jon_snow1105d ago

Nah, Nintendo exclusives always sell well so being Wii U exclusives should have helped sale especially in Japan but Platinum Games messed up marketing and with fans in japan and Hideki Kamiya twitter outburst during release didn't help either.
Anyway even SB will fall into same category but Nier 2 and Star fox zero will be redeeming games for PG.

mezati991105d ago

Port it to other platforms damn it....

hatsume-miku1105d ago

It's impossible, Nintendo published and financed the game. It's like asking for God of War or Halo on other consoles.

1381105d ago

This was my favorite game on my Wii U when I still had it, and my overall GOTY for 2014. It really bugs me that hardly anybody has played it because it was doomed to an unpopular platform. It should be ported elsewhere.

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