Witcher 3 gets an all time low PC price

Dealspwn: Today you can grab The Witcher III: Wild Hunt game key for just £13.95 or $21.50, which may be the best price we've ever seen. Not bad for one of the best games of the year. There's a lot of free DLC to download right now, and the upcoming expansions are looking like great value for money as I discussed in my feature,'Are Fallout 4 and Witcher III a turning point for Season Passes?'

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Adamiak1160d ago

Now compare this to GTA V, still sitting at their $60. xDD

razorpakk1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Different publishers, different sale strategy.

That said, GTAV (online) is still evolving and represents amazing value for money, even at full price.
Just like The Witcher 3.
It's not those games we can complain about :)

someOnecalled1160d ago

Actually you can find it for 35 but I get what you did. U MAD

Adamiak1160d ago

LOL, nope, I bought it for $30 as well, but I'm talking about the official price, just for fun, W3 can be get for $20 so...

Spyroo1159d ago

What? I don't see why he's mad. You seem salty.

Ciporta19801160d ago

Article flagged for offering too much value

wirapuru1160d ago

If it's a Steam key then it's a great price indeed. If it's GOG's then it's an "ok" price.