Homefront Revolution Alpha Preview | The Midnight Gamer

Nick from The Midnight Gamer takes time to discuss where Homefront Revolution is with gameplay. What works and hat needs work. He also looks at how gaffa tape is America's saviour.

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ORyanDeee1191d ago

does this use cryengine?

DarkOcelet1191d ago

Yes, it does use the Cryengine. It was a Crytek title before it went to Deepsilver after all.

SaveFerris1190d ago

I only saw one guy (G-Man) in the video wearing a hat. It looked okay to me.

showtimefolks1190d ago

the idea is cool and so is the trailer and cut scene but when the gameplay starts it looks generic

but open world FPS sounds interesting so i will keep an eye on it and hope for a great game

BradMcMoon1190d ago

Gameplay does need ramping up but there's still time.

ThePresentIsAgift1190d ago

This looks immense, cannot wait. Really enjoyed the first but this is another level entirely.

TeamLeaptrade1190d ago

It looks like a lot of fun. I love how it's got a lot going on. Should be a lot of fun.

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