Batman Arkham Knight New Challenge Map Glitch Discovered, Allows Free Roam With Robin

A new Batman Arkham Knight glitch has been discovered, allowing players to free roam part of Gotham City as Robin.

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Detox024952d ago

I still think they should have gone gtav route and just let you switch between robin cat woman and batman. Why hold these characters back when they are clearly playable

Agent_00_Revan952d ago

Would been a very thing to unlock once you beat the game.

SavageFlamingo952d ago

If they fix it, they're assholes.

Zero109952d ago

They should have allowed free roam and co-op. Would have added great value and garnered more players.

TeamLeaptrade952d ago

I hope they do an update that allows for them to be playable for free roam. Would be cool. But I imagine this will be patched up really quick.