Horizon Zero Dawn will offer Hours and Hours of Exploration

Guerilla Games’ Managing Director Herman Hulst, stated that they aren’t aiming to build the biggest open-world game we have seen yet, but a quality journey that offers “hours and hours of exploration” in a “post-post-apocalyptic playground.”

“It’s a big world. It’s never been our ambition to make the biggest possible world, cause it’s not really about that, it’s about the quality of the journey, and the quality of the tactical combat against these machines. But it’s a vast world that’s hours and hours of exploration in this post-post-apocalyptic playground.”

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DarkOcelet1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I want to say to Guerrilla Games is that they don't need to hype the game anymore.

It was a day one purchase the moment i saw it at E3. The game looks so damn amazing.

“I think the strength of Horizon is that everything that’s in the game is there for a purpose, everything is coherent."

I love the sound of that.

TwoForce1187d ago

Hey man, this is my first post. I did some mistake. I'm still need to get use to N4G system.

DarkOcelet1187d ago

Off topic: Well, hopefully you get those bubbles back mate.

miyamoto1186d ago

There +1 bubbly for you, mate.

Thanks for the post.

Horizon Zero Dawn is really something very special.

UKmilitia1187d ago

i dont want them to try and make the biggest game they can though,witcher is too big,MGSPP is looking max i would enjoy at about 80 hours.
they have a great setting,great style and i really hope they keep it close and not to open to tell the story well to set up a sequel or 2.

Bigpappy1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

The most interesting PS4 exclusive coming by a mile. I am an RPG guy, and nothing gets my attention more that a unique and interesting world to explore. I like to see lots of surprising stuff and find rewarding loot. This game seems to have the surprising and interesting looking stuff covered.

Spotie1186d ago

Rpg guy has an Xbox? That's the wrong console, isn't it?

abstractel1186d ago

By a mile? Dreams, Uncharted 4, Last Guardian, Wild, Rime, SFV and Horizon Dawn is the most interesting of that bunch by a mile? I admit it's one of my most looked forward to PS4 exclusive, but I am extremely excited about the other titles in that list too so a mile is to me a bit of a stretch.

But everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and nothing wrong with that (as long as it's not mean towards others).

ThanatosDMC1186d ago

I'm hoping it's an gigantic open world Monster Hunter game with better everything (gameplay, mechanics, hunting gathering, crafting, etc.).

showtimefolks1186d ago

i am starting to hate this so called exploration. how about these developers let us discover some of the stuff once we stumble upon it

if you play an open word game by 20 hours in your map is filled with dots. not much exploration left

and i am not picking on Horizon(i actually like the fresh new IP) i a just talking in general. open world games leave very little for exploration when everything is marked on the map

Shinuz1186d ago

Yeah that's one of the things I don't really like about open world games (even though I absolutely love them), dots everywhere, you don't get the excitement of finding them yourself.

They should always include an option to let us disable those dots, icons whatever.

Swiftfox1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I agree with you. The key to good exploration is the idea of the unknown, and it's hard to feel you're discovering something special when there are repetitious dots all over.

I also think it highlights a huge problem of "fluff" we are seeing in open world games. Terribly unenjoyable quests and other activities simply designed to pad out the play time and have the golden selling point of 40+ hours of game play. I do hope Horizon will no fall into the same traps regarding its exploration or fluff content.

showtimefolks1186d ago

so true open world developers want to us 100 hours game but i rather have 30 hours of awesomeness than 100 hours filled with 90 hours of boring quests

DarkOcelet1186d ago

I know what you mean, that is the main reason i hate Ubisoft games aside from the huge repetitiveness in it.

Dots everywhere in Far Cry/Assassins Creed/Watch Dogs/The Crew etc etc etc.

Let us explore and find them ourselves just like Fallout 3 and New Vegas. That is an open world game done right.

nitus101186d ago

It depends on what you mean by an open world game. A sandbox can be construed as open world although it isn't, however a true open world game can take well over 40 hours to complete and that is just doing the main mission. Of course this also depends on the type of game as well.

While what you said with everything or better yet quite allot of things marked on your map can be true that also depends on the game. Actually getting those dots can take enormous amounts of your time.

The bottom line is all RPG games do have an ending or endings of sorts and eventually you stop playing it or come back to it in a few months/years and replay it for possibly nostalgia or that increased difficulty. Some RPG's don't have any reply value although that is subjective.

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AndrewLB1186d ago

When they say "hours and hours" and talk about how they are focused on quality not size of world, I get the impression that this is going to be a pretty short game.

zeuanimals1184d ago

How do you get that out of them talking about quality? You could be moving between the same areas/hubs to do various tasks. I'll also take a world built with quality in mind rather than being as big as possible.

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Fro_xoxo1187d ago

I want to see more..
I'm just glad guerilla is doing something different. Killzone wasn't cutting it anymore

freshslicepizza1187d ago

glad they are trying something new, it looks very good and one of the highlights of e3

suckingeggs1187d ago


One of the few times I agree with you.

BUT Im hoping making this game gives them extra ideas to return to killzone and make it more like killzone 2 with a more open world

BABY-JEDI1186d ago

@ suckingeggs, open world Killzone 2 would be my most anticipated game ever! KZ 2 is still my favourite MP to date. SP campaign was awesome also. So underrated. You win my vote

Irishguy951187d ago

Eh, they have made one great game and one okay game so far. Shooters were NOT GG thing. Horizon by comparison looks amazing.

Fro_xoxo1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

"Shooters were NOT GG thing"?

What? lol.

They made the lovely KZ2, and GG cambridge made KZ Mecenaries. Shooters is all they've ever known till recently with Horizon.

They may not be very good at it, that doesn't mean it was never their thing. They will definitely return to it at some point.

Hopefully they can top KZ2.

Irishguy951186d ago

Eh, it was all they did for sure but certainly, they were not suited to it, I see KZ2 as a flook now. KZ2 was great. Everything else had standard FPS problems. Horizon on the other hand..well, take one look at it. Its unique. It looks great. GG were secretly action RPG devs and they stuck to shooters because....just because.

Fro_xoxo1186d ago

lol. I hope Horizon works out for them.

We could have another gem on our hands..

They could so so much more especially now with the PS4's resources at their disposal.

_-EDMIX-_1186d ago

Sure bud. They were one of the best at what they did, consider that list of developers to do shooters well isn't a really long list bud.

There is a reason why we had 4 Killzone games. Clearly they where doing something correct.

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81BX1186d ago

Agreed, kz shadow fall was meh. This game looks amazing.

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ninsigma1187d ago

I think that this may be the first open world game where I actually explore the whole thing and put hundreds of hours into. I'm usually more interested in the story but I really wanna explore everything in this game.

jb2271186d ago

Same here. I think the key to making these kinds of games interesting for their duration is having a compelling & unique story hook & world to drive the main thrust, having fun and interesting combat styles, and various forms of side quest threads that actively make a player want to see them through. Fun & variety are the key words when talking about an open world game, all aspects of the game should be unique unto themselves and fun to complete in their own right. I honestly think Infamous Second Son did a good job with their world as clearing out districts was fun enough to actually make me want to 100% everything. The game world didn't need to be massive, just packed with good gameplay potential. I'm hoping Horizon hits that sweet spot as well, content made for the sake of honest to god interesting gameplay vs. Padding only on offer for players to grind their stats & levels.

ninsigma1186d ago

Yeah completely agree. That's really well stated. I wouldn't usually bother doing everything with large open world games but I did 100% second son as well because it was awesome fun to play!

VsAssassin1187d ago

I hope we see morw of thia game at PGW or PSX!

OB1Biker1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

The video interview was already posted recently.
I like this bit :
'The tribes are very different and you’re gonna explore in this game why the tribes look so different from each other, why they treat Eloi so differently. There is a purpose for that.'
(I think theres a mistype and its Aloy though, or some reference to HG Wells from the writer)

Hoping for some exiting stuff going on between the tribes and Aloy