Best Buy Weekly Deals for September 13th

Best Buy's weekly deals for September 13th are now live.

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traumadisaster1161d ago

Every Sunday this article is approved, though no unusual sales are ever offered.

Therefore this is an advertisement, not news or noteworthy. Stop giving away free comercials, make them pay like everyone else.

Gameseeker_Frampt1160d ago

It's amusing that you are perfectly ok with them posting the weekly ads for Target, Toys R Us, and Fry's, but not Best Buy.

3-4-51160d ago

Yea Traumadisaster doesn't "get" that this is partly how some people know or and learn about games.

Part of the reason gaming is popular is because of ads like this.

It's hard to know of sale, when they aren't announced.

nothing wrong with letting people know where they can buy games and for how much.

* That is like getting mad at a gas station for showing gas prices on a sign.

ShadowNextGen1160d ago

I must disagree. When there are sales then we need to tell as many people as we can. This week at Best Buy, for example, Rare Replay is only $19.99 on Xbox One. If you have Gamers Club Unlocked that makes it $15.99. People need to know about this. :D