'The Taken King:' Why It's Time To Give 'Destiny' Another Shot

Forbes: You’d be forgiven for giving up on Destiny around this time last year. Activision and Bungie shared world shooter hit us as one of the most hyped games in recent memory, both from a conceptual standpoint and the sheer number of marketing dollars. This, we were told, was going to change the way we played games on consoles. It was a whole new idea, a true shooter MMO, nothing short of a revolution. When it arrived, however, it was more than a little bit confusing. The story was nonexistent, the missions repetitive, the progression mechanics opaque and bizarre. The gunplay was second to none, but that can only take you so far. I dropped it about two weeks in and didn’t pick it up again until just before House of Wolves. I can’t imagine I was alone. Now that The Taken King is launching, however, I’d encourage you to give this strange game another shot. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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nX1186d ago

Can't these articles finally stop? It's worse than my spam folder, we know that Destiny has got a new DLC but there are far better games on the market right now and in the coming weeks.

Perjoss1186d ago

TTK hasn't even released yet, you can expect to see a ton of Destiny articles over the next few weeks.

Hint: you dont have to click or comment on any of them ;)

thekhurg1186d ago

What's going to be amazing is watching these websites sit and praise Destiny The Taken King. But in about three weeks watch them start complaining about the game because they STILL don't understand the genre.

Bimkoblerutso1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

But don't you just find it a little...coincidental that all the major sites have been making a pretty unified, concerted push for this game? It's highly suspicious.

And are they really going to charge $40 for the standalone DLC, but then $60 for the "legendary" edition?

So essentially the people that took the plunge and bought this unfinished turd when it came out will have spent $140 as opposed to $60 for all the content that, let's be honest, probably should have been in the game to begin with?

No thank you.

nX1186d ago

"But don't you just find it a little...coincidental that all the major sites have been making a pretty unified, concerted push for this game? It's highly suspicious."

That's actually where I was coming from as well. After all, it's still Activision who's behind this game and we all know their excessive marketing which also involves press coverage. In the last 2 weeks it just seemed to me like the major outlets were getting paid for positive Destiny reports even though the same sites were bashing it a few months ago.

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_LarZen_1186d ago

We don't need any more convincing with these articles. People to dense wont take in the new information and still hate it even tho their complaints have been addressed and then some.

The rest will buy it. So just give it a rest. The Destiny community are several million strong and we just don't need the cry babies to join our ranks.

Now let's see how many of these people will show their faces on the Disagree button.

Hoffmann1186d ago

I hit the Disagree button and here is my face :-)

_LarZen_1186d ago

Hehe, nice looking dude!

G20WLY1186d ago

^I hit the disagree button on your comment Larzen, but I agree with your sentiment and found Hoffmann's comment amusing - he just ain't my type lol

Looking forward to seeing how TTK goes down with people before making my decision. Sounds good though!

SolidGear31186d ago

I'll finally be diving into Destiny after Fallout 4

warczar1186d ago

Addressed, really.

So my complaint of selling me a half-assed game at full price had been addressed? They are now going to pay all the first year buyers for being beta testers, sweet I had no idea. You mean I don't have to throw down another 60 bucks to enjoy more destiny? GFY.

You guys pushing TTK are doing a huge disservice to everyone who buys games. If you continue to buy 20 dollar dlc for 40 dollars then Actibungie will think it's ok to chop up a small game and sell it in smaller pieces at a premium price. And so we'll every other butthumping publisher out there.

_LarZen_1186d ago

Yes they are addressing allot of feedback and complaints. Adding more story content and an overall better experience for those that play Destiny actively.

As with most online persistent world games they change and evolve over time. This is also the case with Destiny.

It's changing and evolving into a better game. And yes it will probably now be the game is should have been on day one. But that don't change the fact that Destiny in it's first year was a great experience. And the reason millions of people play it every day.

This is more then a DLC this is a new and better Destiny. And you have to be a fool to dismiss or at least not be open to the idea that it could be great and is worthy a try.

So listen up gamers! Download the demo and give it a try. From what I understand the demo contains allot and you should get a good impression if it's something worth investing time and money in.

Don't take the word of negative naysayers. The weak love to hate. Be strong fellow guardians.

warczar1185d ago

Wow, that was a fine speech unfortunately in your spiel of shit you never mention how actibungie had made the game better. If your talking about nerfing weapons and changing the voice of ghost then your a fool. If they were really listening to the community they would have made matchmaking for the raids a year ago. You call me weak for being a voice of dissent, I call you weak for being a corporate tool.

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Knushwood Butt1186d ago

I predict the price of the retail version will drop quickly, so I'm holding off for a few weeks.

Phantom Pain will keep me busy.

maybelovehate1186d ago

But you will miss out on day 1 of the new Raid! Nothing like that first day when everyone is blind. It is gaming at its absolute best.

After that, the information and strategies start to flow and it is more about following instructions instead of solving a puzzle.

Themba761186d ago

and by the time that happens starwars will be out and the fallout 4 so no time for destiny.

Sevchenko2111186d ago

Not to mention Metal Gear Online 3 releases early October!

GrimDragon1186d ago

So been playing the preview this past week and this is what I found. It looks like all the quest I completed on vanilla destiny I have to do again as when I look at my quest locker it shows them as abandoned iam guessing it's to level up if so this is utterly terrible. Next I finally see why exotic drops are non existent looking at my weapons locker it show all exotics from yr one and two blueprints same with armor locker and let me tell you it's very very few and that's why they rarely ever drop. Legendaries also are not many as most drops are from various factions and lickly no more than 20 of each weapon type and probably another 20 maybe less of each weapon type on the common and rare tiers. This looks to remain an issue as yr two exotics only bring like two to five more exotics. This is why you get a lot of the same equipment drops on any quest or crucible you play they seriously need lots more armor and weapon variety which honestly I don't see growing by much. There is now a weapons dealer that lets you try weapons to gain points with but honestly much like x ur I see his weapons being the same garbage after two weeks. At this time his weapons are weak at 150 attack which totally ruins your light level and not worth using in important fights and the level up on weapons remain insufficient unless he has stronger weapons you can ascend properly it's pointless. My base level is 34 this now means I can effectively look for weapons and armor with higher light value it means nothing else light remains a huge factor still in this game. My light is 169 when playing certain quest it will tell you recommended light level not base level. So base cap will be 40 which most of us will make in a week if not a day or two after which it's back to looking for light based weapons and armor that make you stronger which as I mentioned are very few in this game so you will definitely once again hit a wall and grind for that light and still get lots of the same stuff or nothing at all simply because there is grossly more useless stuff than anything worthwhile. This is from my own hands on with this game for hours and hours on this preview. Honestly I don't see anything huge or vastly different as the core fundamental flaws still exist and iam sure still will after ttk launches. Bounties have expanded to do other trivial things like kill 50 cabal with grenades etc but really all they did was add a few more pointless bounties with a new flavor. After lots of frustration with this game I came to realize bungie known for action games like halo needs serious help on how to properly do an mmo of this caliber they don't know how to do this and need experienced developers input on how to properly implement quest rewards and story and keep things interesting. As it is every aspect of the rpg element is broken and this is why only the shooting mechanics are its shining light. And probably why we keep playing despite being constantly upset with how this game treats us. As of right now this 2.o update has done squat to remedy some major problems it simply gave old problems a new coat of paint. And my review for those on the fence is unless you have lots of friends and like just shooting things and don't go into this expecting to be blown away by something revolutionary don't get this get metal gear. Maybe next yr destiny will be what it promised but right now it's still an infuriating mess despite what some would have you believe.

Stapleface1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

So your advise to people is don't play it unless they like a social fps..well that makes sense, and is completely obvious considering that's what Destiny is. You don't have to complete the story missions again. Where did you get that idea? They are in the abandoned quest kiosk to pick back up for xp. Which is completely optional. I've been playing Metal Gear Solid V as well, and while a great game, is just a repetitive if not more than Destiny. But that's the nature of games, repeating something we like doing over and over. This describes almost every single game. As far as there not being much gear to level your light..TTK hasn't released yet. Obviously everything is at the old levels. Look at the armory on Plenty of 200-300 plus light level gear to get you where you need to go. With the option to just stick with what you like and level up your weapons and armor with stronger gear. Rather than be forced to use a specific gun because it's light is higher than your old one. Yes we lose some old gear. But it's old gear, move forward, get over it, and adapt.

GrimDragon1186d ago

Like I said in my review "unless you have lots of close friends you actually know destiny is not the go to place for social gaming especially since you have to rely on an outside source to actually find people to raid with. And if you've actually used those websites you would know it's a roll of the Dice and can be a complete waste of time when the wrong people join your fire team because they lied about being skilled or knowing a map. It's cumbersome and makes no sense that something like this is still not in game and you have to go search an outside source to team up that's not very social. Furthermore ttk is looking to be exactly as long as the queens wrath quest it's one ship a dreadnought and whatever quest lead up to it more than likely you will need to redo old story quest to level up which is absurd this tells me the story remains half assed. A matter of fact they already said you have to do queens quest to unlock other quest branches so not very optional. The repetitive nature is not my problem never did I say it was my problem is the severe lack of decent weaponry and armor variety to make grinding more fun and give players a chance at good loot. The exotic armory for yr two is still slim pickings and the fact is there is no gear amount even remotely close to the upper hundreds and it's why you keep finding the same garbage and you will still find the same garbage after a week of playing ttk. I never said there wasn't enough gear to level your light I said there wasn't enough incentive to try new weapons from the dealer as they are weak and bring down your light not for important fights. I did say that there is not much variety in gear and not many of them but you will likely find the same crap with different amount of light depending on ascension to compensate. Fact of the matter is these are severe and flawed issues that I know ttk won't completely rectify and iam certain after launch people will come back like wtf that's it? Don't get me wrong iam an avid destiny fan and will likely play this game for god knows how long but don't deny or defend something that's obviously flawed and take offense and misconstrue what I say because you don't want or don't see what my experienced gaming eyes see instead just think about it and come back with a viable counter argument that can convince myself and others that yeah this game is as great as it could be which it is not at this time this preview is a fail nothing in it has made destiny significantly different or worth coming back to for those who left if so than tell me exactly what that is.

Perjoss1185d ago

Im speechless, totally blown away, this is the most impressive wall of text i have seen in all my life.

TheCatsMeow1186d ago

I've started playing again. After hearing they were gonna fix the leveling system, I haven't played it until the recent update came out.

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