Ghost Hunter: Discovering A Different, Peaceful Side Of 'Destiny'

Forbes: I’m out of stuff to do in Destiny.

For three days at least.

At the dawn of the release of The Taken King, I’ve gone full Destiny doomsday prepper. I’ve maxed out my bounty slots with completed quests, just waiting to bathe in XP once the level cap is raised. I’ve edged most of my factions and the Cryptarch to the point where I should have some solid loot coming my way. And I’ve even replayed the entire game to clear my new quest backlog and adjust to Nolan North’s new Ghost voice.

So with a weekend free, what’s there to do?

I decided to try something I hadn’t really given much thought to since the launch of the game. I went Ghost hunting.

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maybelovehate1191d ago

I went through this stage a long time ago haha. There was one in Venus I had to look up though. I could not find it.

CrunchyToadRoll1191d ago

The one in the strike eluded me for months and it was just sitting on a desk lol

maybelovehate1191d ago

Lol, the one I couldn't find was the one in the tree.

Sevir1191d ago

I found one on Venus is a small cave just outside the initial entrance the the fallen house of winter... Lol and I thought I had found all the ghost after house of wolves expansion launch. I wish they'd bring more of the backstory from the grimoire cards into the game instead of accessing the site.

Destiny's backstory is pretty deep, and even though the story is told rather lazy for Vanilla Destiny - House of Wolves, how everything links is pretty cool.

I'd still like some insight into Osiris since we know he's alive, more on the Awoken, The Exo race and hopefully get some idea of what happened really with the Traveler and the Fallen. There is plenty in this universe, Activision forced bungie to cut shit out and change the story a bit. TTK release should address the stuff in the over all story while shedding stuff on the Hive. Can't wait for Tuesday

TheGamingArt1191d ago

.... too bad you're investing wasted time in a wasted opportunity of a game called Destiny.

Sevir1191d ago

Another one of these wasting there time in thread about a game they won't play... Lol!