Microsoft Needs To Free Cortana From Kinect On Xbox One

Forbes: Microsoft is about to redesign the Xbox One’s UI, a change that can’t come soon enough and can hopefully free us from the tyranny of the tiles that are simultaneously reminiscent of Windows 8 (yuck) and failed Kinect gesture navigation (double yuck).

It’s not as if PS4’s UI is some kind of a dreamboat, but it’s been significantly better than Xbox One’s since launch, and hopefully this change will bring them to at least the same level. But there’s one other thing Microsoft is adding to Xbox One in order to make the console feel even more unique from its Sony rival.


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Ghost_of_Tsushima858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

I agree. I wish they would've built a mic into the controllers. That would've been great. I say at least let us use a mic and talk to her instead of Kinect.

akurtz858d ago

it wont sell kinects that for sure.

Fro_xoxo858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

Kinect isn't a simple as a mic and cam. There's more going on with Kinect. It even has its own processor.


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neoandrew858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

But win10 has cortana without kinect, so there you have it, m$ has self proven that it can be done, a lot of people don't seem to get that, they are locking cortana behind kinect on xone just to sell it, this is pure bs, kinect on x360 has a lot more games, so now their only sell point is cortana, that is why they won't allow to work it without kinect, there would be no point in buying kinect.

mcstorm858d ago

@neoandrew its not as simple as that thought. This is the reason why Kinect is being used instead of a mic. Read up on how Kinect works and you will see why its not as simple as just using a normal mic ESP when sound is coming out of your TV/sound system.

Cortana works different on a windows pc in terms of how the hay Cortana works compared to how Xbox command works on the Xbox one.

freshslicepizza858d ago

i still don't get it. cortana works on the pc without kinect, so again why is kinect mandatory on the xbox one to use cortana? is there something built in my pc that i don't know about?

user9950279858d ago

yes, Kinect isnt a mic, but its naive to suggest Cortana cant work without Kinect. Cortana work shockingly well picking up sound from my surface pro 3 mic. If microsoft wanted to find a solution for mics on Xbox One they could do so. end of discussion.

I'm really excited to have cotrana on my x1. it works really nicely.

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donthate858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

It is possible to drop Kinect and have it all in software.

However, you will lose at least the following:

* the awesome microphone array in the Kinect replaced with cheap and sh!tty microphones
* the specialized hardware in Kinect to extract and interpret what you are saying. That is how Kinect can pick up what you are saying
* some processing power from Xbox One to allocate back to voice recognition. The quality of recognitioh is dependent on how much resources you take

There is somewhat of a solution to the latter. Do it in the cloud, but is it really worth it?

If you really want it, get a Kinect with all it's benefits! The Kinect is awesome!!!

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Ghost_of_Tsushima858d ago

People saying Cortana needs Kinect to work. Soon Microsoft will enable her over mic. Just watch and see.

Bigpappy858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

I am sure it can work without Kinect, but PC is a much more flexible and powerful device than a console. The thing I love about Kinect for interacting with xbox, is that I just walk into the room, say "Xbox on" it recognizes me and I tell it what I want to do. I can then watch and finish what I am eating before I even reach for the controller. Then if I want to check on something else I just tell it to snap it. I don't care to be bothered with memorizing button taps.

I don't use Kinect for chat, so I can mute those on my chat and call out commands to Kinect. not sure that would work with another mic.

If it can wok well without Kinect, they should enable it, but asking for Kinect to be disabled is just stupid and mean spirited, childish hate for not reason.

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FallenAngel1984858d ago

They need to sell Kinect devices somehow

TheGreatGamer858d ago

Dont't see it happening. All Kinect functions are handled by its own processor on the Kinect unit. Yes, contrary to what some people believe, it's not just a camera and a mic. So...people want the features of the Kinect, but they don't want to get a Kinect and still whine saying it has no use... and all of this coming from Forbes who thinks that Apple TV is a threat to Xbox & PS. Safe to say they don't know very much at all about the gaming industry

Tedakin858d ago

"people want the features of kinect, but they don't want to get a kinect and still whine saying it has no use."

This is a painfully true statement. I have kinect and love it as part of the UI. "Xbox Record That" blows away the button method. Cortana is like Siri, designed to be spoken to with your voice, not typed to.

DanielGearSolid858d ago

I mean calling them Kinect feature is a stretch...

Voice recognition works with or without the cam on ps4.

Its more like features unnecessarily locked behind a Kinect paywall.

donthate858d ago


"Voice recognition works with or without the cam on ps4.

Its more like features unnecessarily locked behind a Kinect paywall."

Then you are a fool!

The reason why Kinect is so dang good is because of all the onboard processing. Sure you can get cheap sh!tty microphones for sub-par quality.

Notice Siri is using the cloud to compensate. Point being, Kinect is a wonder and does it without requiring an internet connection instantly.

You don't get the same quality voice recognition on PS4 and there is a reason why people ask for the Xbox version.

Deal with it!

ShowanW858d ago

Perfectly put....

These words you have spoken are facts...

LifeInNZ858d ago

You want to use Cortana on the X1 then you need Kinect, why is that such an issue?!?

akurtz858d ago

i can control my ps4 using my mic. im sure the magicians at ms can make it work with just a headset. you dont need a kinect, they just made it so to sell the kinect.

LifeInNZ858d ago

You know, Sony could easily add PS4 games to PSNow but they don't....can you guess why?

Gwynbleidd858d ago

I don't get it either. I wouldn't miss kinect for the world. It so much improved how you communicate with your entertainment system that I can't go back to a time where there was no kinect! And Cortana is an addition to that.

TheUndertaker85858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

Cortana is also available on Windows 10 with voice recognition without Kinect for PCs.

There are better ways. Plus yes, PS4 offers it with any headset, even the earbud that comes with it. Why can't Microsoft implement it on the system side rather than passing it through Kinect? Doesn't seem like there'd be anything to stop them except for the fact they hope to move more Kinect instead.

Orbilator858d ago

Small in acuracy with the voice thing on ps4.
You defo dont need the camera for it to work.
I use the bundled mic. I just have it taped to back of pad with the ewrpeace cut off. Works fine.

Ok point im making is surely both partys could do a small attachment like that as the port is there.

Voice recognition is all software so its all down to the orogrammers

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