Was Final Fantasy 14 Right for Banning RMT Users?

where players purchase in-game currency by spending real world cash (or in this case, using a credit card or some other payment option like Paypal). Most mmo games take a very dim view of the existence of RMT within their games. Such was the case recently where Square Enix banned more than four thousand accounts from Final Fantasy 14 for engaging in RMT activities. Was Final Fantasy 14 right for banning RMT users?

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Spenok1187d ago

Seriously. The only reason I can think of that this person would ask this question is if he was an RMT guy himself, or engaged in it in some way. RMT does nothing but hurt the economies of MMOs.

Long story short, it's against the EULA. So yes, yes they were absolutely right in doing it.

Rachel_Alucard1187d ago

This won't stop them. They'll just keep making accounts and continue to do it. Like piracy there needs to be some sort of special anti bot measurements put in place to prevent more accounts obvious bot accounts being made or some security measure that kicks you for mimicking the exact same inputs for extended periods of time (not counting crafting).

If you go on the JP worlds RMT is nonexistent because they don't buy any of it. Meanwhile in NA and EU people continuously buy gold all the time thus reinforcing the behavior. By banning them they're scaring away most of the would be buyers from losing their account.

madcowzz1187d ago

Yes. It's unbelievably annoying how many times a day I get asked to buy gold by some automated account spamming to buy gold for cheap