Destiny: The Taken King Exclusive Content Detailed

Posted by Adam Boyes on Sep 12, 2015 // VP Publisher Relations, SCEA:
This week we had the chance to celebrate two important video game milestones. September 9th, 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of PlayStation in North America. It also marked one year since Destiny first launched on our platform. I had the chance to celebrate these two events on a livestream earlier this week with our friends from Bungie, where we unboxed the gorgeous Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PlayStation 4 Bundle and played through our PlayStation exclusive* Strike, Echo Chamber (where I failed the boss battle in an epic manner).

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jjb19811161d ago

Those comments though....

kaizokuspy1161d ago

Lol yet those same people bitching play it daily, that should tell you how addicting the game really can be, if it keeps you coming back, but you hate it and still do.

dc11160d ago

And that's called winning.

reallyNow1160d ago

I overplayed it when it first came out, became a hater(because over played), and after about 8 months of not playing, I'm back baby! Its glorious and I love it.

Spenok1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Not me. I'm still highly disappointed in the title. I've even tried to come back (at the repeated insistence of my family and friends) and just keep walking away annoyed at how awesome it could be, and continues to NOT be.

cemelc1160d ago

My true problem with destiny is the same i had since day one... where is the dog fighthing... I have a ship!, let me used it...

The day they add that module into the game is the day i buy destiny, till then...nope

kaizokuspy1160d ago

It's important to note those comments though and mt comment are referencing the article on and their community. But since I've got a ps4 now and destiny 1.0 plus both expansions as well as 2.0 is included with taken king I bought it. A lot of good changes. Everything is questioned and bounties are way better. It's less of a grind fest than it was, but is probably still a grindfest.

donthate1160d ago

Bungie can keep their SH!T game. Not buying another Bungie product from a completely disappointing launch, misleading content, hollow game too ripping your existing customers off, to finally insulting them by saying fans will throw money at the screen!

They can keep their SH!T as I don't support developers/publishers like that!

My money goes to Fallout 4, Forza 6, Halo 5, BattleFront, Rare Replay and Uncharted Collection. Already got Gears of War: UE!

antz11041160d ago

@donthate,'re hatin'. Don't.

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thorstein1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Consider the "exclusive" content we got for year 1. The Fourth Horseman was a cool idea for a shotgun but it was so weak that you had to blast off all five rounds in order to do real damage.

Then, the disappearing Crucible maps. I bought an expansion...I didn't know I was trading in First Light for new maps. I thought I purchased them.

But what takes the cake is that, for me to get the full expansion it is $59.99 ($39.99 for Taken King and $20 for shaders, exotics, and emotes?!??) Plus whatever they charge for season pass (for an expansion.)

I played this game a ton. I loved this game and defended it. The expansion should be $20-$30 for first year players that already own everything so far.

Not, full retail.

akurtz1160d ago

the 4th horseman was boss in pve. especially burns, kill bosses quick

WildArmed1160d ago

Hawkmoon was also an year one exclusive.

And that was one of the best handcanons in the game (only second to the Fatebringer in PVE and tied with thorn / TLW in PvP)

But the nerf came for PvP and also managed the cripple any use it had in PVE.

Thank you bungie and your lack of common sense when it comes to nerfing.

3-4-51160d ago

Played it, returned it, bought it again with the 2nd dlc.

Just returned it again about 1-2 weeks ago with some other games.

I'll come back and play Destiny again, as I actually enjoy the game, but I've found that the single player experience within the game doesn't have enough to keep me interested.

* It gets boring going into these sunken dungeons only to fight wave after wave of slightly increasingly difficult enemies....

The mechanics and controls are possibly the best I've ever played in a FPS game though so it has a nice solid base to build on.

* I really liked the crucible but I found I wasn't wanting to play any more.

My plan is to take a year off from Destiny and see what they have cooking around this time next year.

That way when I do return to play again, there will be like 2-3 DLC's worth of content to play + other additions.

Destiny is fun.....but it could be even more fun if they end up making me actually care about the world they've created.

Jeff2571159d ago

You really should have waited until after you got a chance to play it with the 2.0 update. The story missions have been integrated into a Quest system and split up into chunks that make it much easier to get through. There will also be new Quests that come with The Taken King. Even vendors are getting in on this with Banshee having rep you can earn by testing out weapons for him in both PvE and PvP. It actually feels like a new game with the changes they have made and I cannot wait to see what TTK brings next week. I say jump back in now because there is and will be plenty to do.

The_KELRaTH1161d ago

It will be interesting to see if the constant media attention that keeps telling everyone that just everyone loves the game and that if YOU dont have it your missing out and not in the club.

Outside of the USA this is a very expensive DLC costing the same (more) than new full games like Fallout 4, MGS V etc etc

Aenea1160d ago

Expensive DLC, yes, but it's not costing the same or more than a new game in most of Europe for example...

Only the British got shafted...

The_KELRaTH1160d ago

Im just browsing €62!!! and its similar for France, Italy etc

Seems expensive to me

thorstein1160d ago

In the USA it is $59.99 for the full expansion pack. It is even more expensive outside of the USA? That's insane.

For part of the expansion (minus the exotics, shaders, and emotes) it is $39.99.

JWiLL5521160d ago

That's not "part" of the expansion, it's the full thing. You're not obligated to buy the extra stuff that's just cosmetic. Bungie only offered that because people complained it wasn't available outside of the collector's edition.

thorstein1160d ago


Exotics aren't "just cosmetic."

Spenok1160d ago

Seriously. This EXP is light years away from a full games worth a content like the ones you mentioned. I honestly still think that if everything that's been released so far, including the new EXP was in the original launch, I'd still not be happy with it. Although I'd sure be much less upset with it if it all came at launch.

Aenea1160d ago

That's not just the DLC, that's the Legendary edition which includes the base game, the previous two DLCs and The Taken King DLC.

The Taken King DLC is €40 in the digital stores and you can't get a full new game for that price...

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Drithe1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Year one game mechanics for Destiny was second to none. If I had to give it a score of 1 to 10 it would definitely be a 9.5 at least. The problem was lack of content. I mean it was terrible. Rating vanilla Destiny at the beginning I would give it an 8.5, and I think that is being generous as there was literally no story to it, and to this day, still gaping holes in it.

Enter year 2. As great as the game mechanics was last year, it is even better now. Me and my clan was talking about it the other day. After the 2.0 patch, the game looked even more polished that it already was (and it has some of the best graphics to date for the ps4). But even more important, the game felt smoother and more responsive. Everything faster and crisp. Just amazing.

Now the content is here. Tons of it to do. In my opinion half of this stuff should have been in year one. But oh well. There are tons of things to do. TONS.

The only problem I have, right now, is the loot system for factions. Why should they be random? I am level 50 on a couple factions. Dont you think I should get a ship for being level 50 Dead Orbit? Some people get that ship at rank 15. Others, like me a 50, have not.

This is a control device made by BUngie that I think is outdated and extremely irritating. Just give us certain levels to attain to get these faction items!!!

Anyways, Just getting the look at all the stuff we can do with year 2 is getting me excited for down the road. I just hope they come up with some kick ass stuff for the expansions.

End of line.

D3TH_D33LR1160d ago

Thanks! This is what I was hoping to hear. Traded my game in the first month as I had an irk this bs would go down. But I figured it would get a full rerelease down the road. Glad to hear year 2 is better because I've been wanting to play a progressive shooter like this again but the initial content to price was never there for me.

Spenok1160d ago

"(and it has some of the best graphics to date for the ps4)"

Lol. Whatever you say bro.

I know it's your opinion, but it's definitely wrong. There are many games that smash this one no problem. Now don't get me wrong. Destiny is a good looking title, but no where near one of the best looking titles on PS4.

kaizokuspy1160d ago

@spenok actually it does have some of the best graphics to date on any console considering the scope and online connectivity required. I have ff14 on my ps4, though the creatures and particle effects are great, the graphics in destiny are superior. This game graphics wise wouldn't be superior to mgs5, but it is definitely one of the best due to its size.

JamesBroski1161d ago

So weird. The hype for that game was amazingly high before it came out, a few months after, this game was labeled as trash. Now the game is going to re-release, and all the hype is back...

jimmywolf1161d ago

are we talking about every CoD game made?

Jughead34161161d ago

Not sure if you play Destiny, but in my opinion, it's definitely not trash, unless I just have low standards. lol. The story was definitely lacking. They actually explained more about the story during the game's development than during the actual game itself. You can't really say anything negative about the actual gameplay. I think the game's presentation turned people off. Then there's the rumors that Activision cut tons of content from the original game, so who knows how good it originally was. They supposedly fixed most of the complaints.So we'll see if the hype is real this time. And when you have a $500 million budget, you can go all out on hyping and advertising.

JamesBroski1160d ago

I'm not talking about my own opinion of the game, I'm just mentioning what I heard about it. All I could see online was people bashing it after its release. Now everyone is praising it again.

kaizokuspy1160d ago

@James the same people who bashed it spent over 100+ hours in it. Claiming there's not enough content....they spent over 100 hours and still complain. Go look those up. It's sad. I think if I get 50 hrs out of $60 that's money well spent.


Thats not what happened at all... some people put off by the grinding or less than ideal dlc situation shit talked it while millions enjoyed it all year. Theres a reason this game never dropped off the hottest games list damn near all year.

maybelovehate1160d ago

The hype never went away. It has been in the top 5 Most Played games on both X1 and PS4 store since launch. Never fallen out a single time.

There is a lot of hate, but that comes with every popular product.

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corroios1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

This game is one of the most played all year, like or not. The problem here is Activision that ruined the game for many by taking huge amount of content. This we already now in the latest news.

Even so millions are playing it and many more will come with the Taken King, because we killed is son and now hell is upon us. lol.

The regret i have is the end of the magical unicorn Galljhorn. lol.

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