Final Fantasy Tactics' Spiritual Successor Unsung Story Is In Dev Hell and Crowdfunders Aren't Happy

GameRevolution: "Equipped with the best talent in the genre and a successful mobile developer, Unsung Story sounded like a Kickstarter game destined for success. I was compelled enough to make it the first game I ever backed, with the only other title being Yu Suzuki's Shenmue 3, announced more than a year later.

Since its exciting Kickstarter campaign raised $660,126, the development situation for Unsung Story has gone from exciting to troubling."

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Wedge191164d ago

Crowd funding is a tough route to go. It's not guaranteed but can yield awesome results if fruitful.

acharlez1164d ago

Agreed. It's a tricky business.

ftwrthtx1164d ago

Can yield a bunch of cash if you grab the right crowd

T3mpr1x1164d ago

I wonder at what point is enough enough, and a lawsuit is opened. Games do take a long time to develop properly...

ftwrthtx1164d ago

And can take a lot of money