Hideki Kamiya hopes Scalebound’s depth means you’ll play it more than Okami or Bayonetta

Good ol' Hideki Kamiya. When the PlatinumGames head honco isn't blocking Twitter users for the slightest etiquette infringement he's bigging up his latest project, Xbox One exclusive Scalebound. In fact, Kamiya is so stoked about his new and unusual project - which is set for a Holiday 2016 release - he's even playing down some of his past efforts. In the latest issue of Edge, Kamiya says the depth and scope of his latest gamw offers far more long term play than some his previous (and much loved) works - namely Bayonetta and Okami. For shame, Kamiya-san!

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christocolus1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Nice. I enjoyed Okami and Bayonetta very much. cant wait to jump on this.

"with Scalebound, because the world is so large, my hope is that [players won’t just] go from beginning to end and that’s it. There are so many [side-quests] that we’re going to be sprinkling throughout this vast world that I hope you’ll go back to dungeons and pick up items that weren’t available to you at that time, and want to clear it in a different way."

Cool. Cant wait to hear more about the boss battles especially the aerial boss fights and i also need to know more about co-op in scalebound.

christocolus1193d ago

Yup. Looks like kamiyas most ambitious game yet and I'm pretty excited about the scope. the story should be top notch since Joseph staten is working on it with the team and can't wait to see those aerial boss fights in motion.

never4get1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Sure I'll play more, if Bayonetta playable in ScaleBound.

nix1192d ago

I feel so glad it's the Okami creator and Okami is one of my best games ever. I hope Xbox1 community supports it because it would be sad to see such a good game not sell well.

poppinslops1193d ago

Apparently the co-op isn't limited to Boss fights... I'm guessing it'll have a system similar to Dark Souls, where other players can be 'summoned' into your world.

At least I hope that's how it works... flying around with friends would be epic, whether you're helping to hunt down specific creatures, going on treasure hunts or just lording it over the 'innocent' citizens of Draconis.

shloobmm31193d ago

Im pretty sure its normal full time co-op

poppinslops1192d ago

Kamiya said there's a reason for the appearance of multiple Drews and Thubans in Draconis... Drew's real-world origins lead me to believe that it's a multiverse thing, which is what makes me think that there will be locations with portals or artifacts for summoning other players.

OpieWinston1192d ago

In the info on the Xbox page that was posted... They point to the Co-op being used for Massive fights and custom quests. So probably more like Borderlands/Dark Souls where you have the choice to summon a player into your world, but there's only certain parts it's required.

Bigpappy1193d ago

I have a felling this relationship with this dragon is going to be very emotion driven. You are going to want to help him and he is going to reward you friendship like a brother would. I can almost imagine the story, but I really don't want to know too much about it until I play it.

Concertoine1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

This is ambitious because even though you can beat Bayonetta in around 10 hours, the depth of that game has expanded its life enormously. It wasn't until shortly before the sequel that a definitive guide covering the games complex quirks was released.

Scalebound will probably be a more content rich game rather than a mechanic rich one, which is not my forte but i am still anticipating it.

As a side note Platinum is the greatest success story in the industry, they make compelling and polished games in rapid succession with excellent reception. They have Nier 2, Star Fox, Transformers and Scalebound in the pipe, everyone wants their touch.

Ck1x1192d ago

They probably are one of the most efficient developers around when it comes to time management. Just look at how many games they've already put out on multiple consoles no less.

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Sonyslave31193d ago

I love Okami it one of my favorite RPG I hope they make a Okami sequel.

Why o why1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )


I couldn't believe how many powers I never learned during my first 2 full playthroughs back in the day. I was glad when the hd version was released but my console died midway through....i didn't have the heart or energy to go through what I been through again. A damn shame. Timeless classic. Pity clover aren't around in the same capacity anymore. Anybody remember viewtiful joe?

Any resemblance or similarity to okami is a mega plus point for me. The combat in bayonetta was slick so its looking like an interesting prospect. Good luck

WildArmed1193d ago

I spent so much time just going back into locations I had visited just to see how the world changed and so on.

Really great game, if Scalebound is half as good as Okami, this game is going to be amazing!

Fro_xoxo1193d ago

I could never get into Okami 'nd Bayonetta
try as I did..

I'll definitely give Scalebound a shot...

Why o why1193d ago

I was that way with bayonetta.... I,d prefer to watch others play but to me it seemed similar to the older devil may cry games. Thing is I was well into those.

If you ever have the energy try okami gain, do so. Its aged a bit but its still very playable.

fuzzyinthepants1193d ago

what a fu*king tease. lol I cant wait to play this.

deadpools_n641193d ago

Well I hope it's polished and COMPLETE if he's starting to talk big now. Don't let us find out it needs a 50gig day one patch or whatnot. That would make me have a sad day

user99502791193d ago

game has to be finished before he talks about it.... and no day 1 patch?

you must be a joyless sort of individual.

deadpools_n641192d ago

There's talking about it and then there's bragging about it. Also I hate day 1 patches. Between those and online only and pay to win games. Yes I'm a lil joyless.

4Sh0w1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

He said he "hopes" you spend more time playing it than Okami or Bayonetta= how is that "bragging"?

-Yeah you are joyless.

_-EDMIX-_1192d ago

I know right, nothing worse then getting a game day 1 then find out its being fixed to work, DAMN!

All games back in the day released perfect with no issues ever......./s

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