Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces Review | NGN

It has been well over a year since the last major multiplayer addition to Company of Heroes 2, and one would be forgiven for thinking that given the base game is over two years old at this point, the developers have moved on to their next project. This is not the case however as Relic Entertainment have seen fit to add a fifth faction to the ongoing war that is the Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer scene. The newest arrivals on the battlefield are the British Forces, who were also present in the first Company of Heroes, however in a very different form. The new faction is arguably the most defensive, boasting a great variety of slow-moving tanks, artillery, and emplacements with their only relative weak point being a somewhat limited selection of infantry and lack of mobility. However it is the variety of choices one must make during each match played as the British that ultimately define the faction.

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