GoW Ultimate Will Have Unlocked Frame Rate; Devs Explain How They're Using DX12 & Async Compute

The Coalition talked about the PC version of Gears of War Ultimate. DirectX 12 & Async Compute will be used, 4K is also fully supported.

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Chris_Wray1189d ago

Good. I'm not exactly anal about frame rate but there's never any need to have it locked. This isn't a console, this is a PC. if it can run it with a higher frame rate, let it.

kaiserfranz1189d ago

Absolutely true, I don't understand those devs who do it.

Hyped to play this game remastered and at 4K/60+ FPS.

XboxOneX1189d ago

I will pick this one up on PC also. I have it on XBONE but would love to also play on PC with friends.

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Aurenar1189d ago

The Xbox One version looks great. The PC version will be best.

Imp0ssibl31189d ago

As always. The Master Race rules supreme!

XboxOneX1189d ago

No not ALWAYS!

Remember Batman Arkham Knight?

Volkama1189d ago

Arkham Knight is best on PC though. It was released broken (and still isn't up for sale), but with the interim patch it's already the best looking version of the game.

You need to look to obscure dynasty warrior games and such to find games that are actually better on console.

81BX1189d ago

I agree volkama the best version is the one that doesn't work.... good thinking ace. Promote this man at once!

Volkama1189d ago

I can launch it right now and play at 4K. Can you?

I don't really want to sling mud and shout "PC master race!" at mature gamers, but Arkham Knight isn't a great example to counter with. Not anymore, and certainly not after Rocksteady finish their work on it.

_-EDMIX-_1189d ago

lol @Volk- I get what you mean, it just sounded very wrong.

The best version is PC by default I'll say most times, some times its the worst version. If it has soooooooo many bugs its unplayable, then yes....its the worst version.

Batman can BE the best version on PC, but that remains to be seen. I would say "eventually" or its possible to be the best on PC etc.

XboxOneX is very correct, no always.

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BallsEye1188d ago

I have a monster PC that will be able to run this game 4k 60fps + (I use it for work) but I'll still play GoW on xbox one. Just more fun.

ccgr1189d ago

Will have to check this out on PC!

Steptoe1189d ago

Gears of war always looked great. Even on the xbox 360. Great game. Single player blew me away. Never played anything like that at the time. Seen it on my nephews Xbox one and it looked even better.

Spikeantestor1189d ago

Didn't we all decide a long time ago that GoW was God of War and Gears was Gears of War?

MeliMel1189d ago

GoW= God of War

GeOW= Gears of War, i think.

Either that or make up your own.

If your an Xbox fan I dont see where using GoW is a bad thing. Seeing as its a Gears article you should know which GoW it is.

WeAreLegion1189d ago

Agreed. Around N4G, we started using GOW for God of War and GeOW for Gears of War, so we could use the shorthand when arguing about petty things. This was 2006. No bubbles. It was a warzone in here.

81BX1189d ago

Thats funny because its true, and a little sad as well.

IVanSpinal1189d ago

if GeOW=Gears Of War,
then GoOW=God Of War.

matt1391189d ago

No because gears is a lot better than god of war so it should take precedent over it ;)

WeAreLegion1189d ago

How can someone even make that claim? They're completely different types of games. Both series' are incredible.

Roccetarius1189d ago

No, it was always GoW for both games, considering the abbreviation for both games is correct that way. If you want to create an exclusive list for boasting, you simply use the full name.

_-EDMIX-_1189d ago

lol. In article about Gears Of War....we all know what GoW is.

Its just based on in what context one is using it.

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