Tearaway: Unfolded gets even cheaper on PS4

DS: Tearaway was one of the finest titles on the PS Vita and we're delighted to see the game given a PS4 remix, if not a little sad we're not getting a Vita sequel. This deal is the cheapest price yet, which is pretty good seeing as the game only launched yesterday.

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TWB1161d ago

Its crazy that every place I frequent, had Tearaway Unfolded for 60€. Only one place (that I prefer for the prices) had T:U for 42€, which is what it was supposed to be. Even then it appeared to be a sale price but they usually do that with new releases that are not full priced due to early price they have put on the site and havent fixed for the release...

bouzebbal1161d ago

it's very cheap on the store.. i got it there.