Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Is An Unfinished Game, Had A Chapter 3 As Well

It seems like Episode 51 was not the only thing that was cut from The Phantom Pain.

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-Foxtrot1161d ago

Good grief

I've bought another incomplete game.

Wouldnt mind if this was a series where story is the last thing you should care about but it's MGS

gameseveryday1161d ago

I played this game for almost 80 hrs and at no point the gameplay becomes boring. Its an amazing game but the story is really weird. And the ending twist is completely unwanted.

Kalebninja1161d ago

If you're still upset about the ending go lookup how it makes sense. It isn't something random it actually makes sense of the other games.

equal_youth1161d ago

At first i really disliked the ending too but after thinking about it i could see it in MGS Lore and it was a masterful twist. Maybe not so well delivered but awesome.

Nitrowolf21161d ago


Its not that it doesnt make sense because it does, its the fact that many feel betrayed and feel this destroys the build up of said character

frostypants1161d ago

"Its an amazing game but the story is really weird. And the ending twist is completely unwanted."

You just described every MGS.

Septic1161d ago

Ah not like the game isn't amazing anyway.

Come watch me complete the amaZing story and fill in the gaps of the third chapter.

Cy1161d ago

Disagree completely about the gameplay. After the first 20 hours or so, it gets really tedious. Especially when all the enemies start to have helmets and body armor and riot suits and it makes stealth--the whole point of the game--next to impossible. By the time chapter 2 hit, I just wanted the game to be a visual novel so I could get the story without having to infiltrate the same damn area for a fifth time.

SlightlyRetarted1161d ago


Or maybe you should send your Combat Unit to destroy enemy warehouses and shipments. That cuts the supply of helmets, body armor, flashlights, gas masks, surveilance cameras etc. to the enemies. You can even cherry pick from missions what items you want to stop getting to enemies.

Kalebninja1161d ago

@CY you need to send combat units out on missions to destroy their supplies so they won't have helmets, body armor, etc. Also just because they wear helmets and armor doesn't mean you can't be stealthy. You can still use silencers and sleep guns and shoot the small area not covered by their helmets and you can slit the throats of armored soldiers.

-Foxtrot1161d ago

The game does get a little boring

The side missions are very repetitive and the worse thing is the main missions are just glorified, harder tasks you find in the Side Ops.

memots1161d ago

I wouldnt worry too much about it.

There is many game we played in the past where some content got cut from the last release. And back then there was no patching or download after the fact.

No one knew back then because of the internet and no one felt "cheated" We need to get off the high horse of entitlement here. The final game is what was released.

madmonkey011161d ago

i played it for about 30 hours and found the gameplay did become boring, after essentially repeating the same routine 30 times in extracting someone, whilst every 5 missions or so giving us a bit more of the story.

hay1161d ago

I believe Peace, as in real life, will be sold separately.

SaladSnake1161d ago

I thought the ending was rather ####. And I love the franchise. They could have made an amazing story with half of the main missions and given us better bosses and more soul (like previous chapters). Then they could have kept all the side missions in tact. The mechanics and action is brilliant, and the missions are challenging. But it lacks soul... Hopefully kojima sorts it after the sequel is milked.

CDbiggen1161d ago

I agree with those above me who say it becomes very repetitive. 2 very bland, uninspired environments: desert and African savannah. The same guard posts every few minutes between the few and far between enemy outposts. Completing the same objective (fulton, extract, blow up) over and over again hoping, praying for some of the old mgs magic/plot reveals to bring some life into it which never comes. I was bored 40 hours in and I absolutely love the series.

_-EDMIX-_1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Agreed, also agree with Kalebninja.

If your a MG fan and played the whole very much understand why it ends the way it does. I love it and still do, 70 plus hours and its easily the greats MGS I've ever played and easily the greatest game i've ever played.

Soooooo much replay value.

Also edit- PM folks on your views of the ending, don't spoil it for others who haven't played it yet.

Jumper091161d ago

thats not true. The gameplay becomes pretty boring,very fast.

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gameseveryday1161d ago

@kalebninja I respect your opinion about the ending but the game did not had any memorable story moments except that they were found in the gameplay.

Nitrowolf21161d ago

I think it was mission 43 or something. The quarintine one. I thinj thats pretty memorable imo, but the ending also ruins it at the very same time

Tito081161d ago

The way I see this, as a MGS fan, I don't have any complain about the story, this game serves up more about re building Mother Base than anything else. Btw, lots of people in the past did nothing but complain about the series having more "Cutscenes/story than gameplay" and look now, people are now complaining the other way around, like how hypocrite can the gaming community get, so w.e. happened to missing chapters could have being Konami s doing, I think Kojima did his best to keep the game more gameplay focused, right now, I don't really care about the ending anymore since the gameplay it's what keeps me coming back to it.

gameseveryday1161d ago

@equal_youth @kalebninja I am not only talking about the ending. The whole story structure is weird. There is no continuity. Again, the gameplay is truly amazing and it overshadows every other element in the game but being a fan for over 17 years, the story is lacking in every department.

In fact, this game created more questions rather than serving as a "missing" link.

SaladSnake1161d ago

I totally agree. I'd rather they gave us a cinematic story and then spam us with the side quests. It isn't balanced enough.

81BX1161d ago

Seriously this seems to happen more this gen than last gen. The releasing of broken or unfinished games. Im not going to even bother finishing it. Ill just wait for the mp

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ChronoJoe1161d ago

Every game is unfinished in this regard, there are always components of the games that were cut from production to meet deadlines etc. Some more so than others, but ultimately MGSV offers a lot more than most games, and while it did not meet the conclusion Kojima would have wanted it to if he had infinite time and resources available to him, that is not the reality of video game development.

_-EDMIX-_1161d ago

Agreed. Many don't understand that concepts can keep being added to a game for years and years and years. The reality is...the game must come to some sorta of release, it can't just stay in concept for ever. No game is really 100% done.

Look at folks really think that when it released the team was 100% fine with it? Could you not clearly make FFVII with more features then it released with? I'm almost positive that the team likely had ideas even months after it released as look at FFVIII, look at FFIX, they got better as the gen went on. Thus...the team had to have wanted a bit more time to get the tech, but they can't just keep sending eons going back and re-doing it over and over and over etc.

Consider that logically would mean FFVII would come out around 2001 for voice overs, but doesn't because they want more and new features, then decides...NEXT GEN, wants to come out on PS3, then PS4 lol, I some point the damn game needs to get out of concept and into reality, worry about what the future holds later with other entries. Kojima wanted this clearly because it would be his last, he had to make it the way he would want it to end, he had no more continues left. I mean...if they ok'ed him for MGSVI, we might have gotten this game earlier and maybe different, knowing it was a 1 shot to do this concept likely is why its here in this state.

Because of the naturally progressive medium that is gaming, its not feasible to have a game be um "complete" no game is really "complete" in many teams eyes. You can do that in Film and Music, gaming is way more complex. (Even in Film I'm sure many directors would have gone back and done things differently)

Even if it was made to sell the DLC after the fact....for a game that legit spans 70 plus hours, who cares? Kojima doesn't own the MGS IP, Konami does, for all we know this was something they wanted to do to sell DLC. One doesn't need to buy the DLC. I'm a HUGE MGS fan and I would still feel this game is complete if I never got the DLC, hell I feel that way and I'm not even playing the MP when it comes out.

aLucidMind1161d ago

Don't worry, it's Konami. I'm sure they'll give everyone the wonderful gift of it being in DLC. They're a gracious company and aren't full of greedy, out of touch morons at all.

BinaryMind1160d ago

Do people realize that every game these days has content cut from the final product? Did you think a massive game like Metal Gear Solid would be an exception?

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equal_youth1161d ago

This was clear from the moment i saw chapter 2 showing up. Which writer who has his mind in the right place would write a story only spanned over 2 chapters. It's pretty obvious. So many plot-lines are unfinished its really sad.

As much as i hate it but i am hoping for at least some DLC. Wishing for Konami to release this for free seems just not very realistic.

gameseveryday1161d ago

I dont think a DLC is happening but you never know. Story DLC could happen given that Kojima is reportedly working with Konami until December. I dont think Konami will allow him free salary and keep him off the work bench.

SaladSnake1161d ago

He's working until chapter two. They have it as a now action focused game. They will just fling the mechanics into another world and add a few more drips of story. Guaranteed kojima will be working his ass off for Konami before he leaves. The ending only confirms that the sequel is all but ready to go. This game was meant to be metal gear rising. The setting with all the thunder and open world... Can you remember the very first teaser? Rising and it was thunder and open swamp lands/mountains.

Nitrowolf21161d ago

I agree. Not only that, but ch 2 is just repeats of missions. I feel there was suppose to be more

llxKonanxll1161d ago

So the story is only around 2 chapters?

equal_youth1161d ago

Yes but its not build up like one would expect. The Main-Story finishes with Chapter 1 and from then on it tries to wrap up some semi plot-lines but it obviously got to big and left more questions open than it answered.

I thought i would get my final conclusion out of this MGS but i was wrong. It's another chapter in the overarching plot of MGS and leaves much room for plenty of other games. It even teases the next game. One could say i was played by the game :D

C L O U D1161d ago

Annnd...that's why its called Phantom Pain but in a form of content that was supposedly once there but no longer is

scark921161d ago

Ha that makes everything better!

Jerry Seinfeld1161d ago

Ok, that made me laugh! Bubs up!

JonnyBigBoss1161d ago

I enjoyed Chapter 1. Chapter 2 is a mess.

frankiebeans1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

this game took the cheap way out telling the story with the tapes and had only a hand full of cutscenes its almost like they did what destiny did with the dead ghost. over all this is probably my least favorite mgs game they should have stuck to the old format screw the open world and tell the story with the amazing cutscenes they make and fuk kiefer that was the first screw up a main protagonist that don't talk.

bluegoblin1161d ago

I love the open world aspect of the game....but definitely should have kept David Hayter (protagonist doesn't talk and when he does I wish it was hayter doing the talking).

And the story is so flat it just doesn't feel like a metal gear due to the story. Masterful gameplay though

DeletedAcc1161d ago

should i laugh or something? and david hayter is not john, he is david

WitWolfy1161d ago


You must be dense, Hayter VA both John and David in previous games, heck even the Japanese VA has been Both Solid Snake and Big Boss. Guess what, he never got replaced.

Your ignorance is astounding.

PlayableGamez1161d ago

The reason why they didn't put a lot of cut scenes in MGSV was because the cut scenes were a huge compliant in MGS4.
Personally me, I love Metal Gear Solid cut scenes, but to some gamers, cut scenes kind of takes control out of the players hands.

But I agree, the game could have used a little bit more cut scenes and story.

As for the open world, I don't have a problem with it. You can honestly choose your own adventure and how you operate through each mission giving each mission replay value. You can also make choices that affect you in the long run. Operating your own base and conducting espionage operations makes me feel like a General but at the same time a foot soldier.

This is the biggest and most dynamic Metal Gear game, and I love it. The gameplay to me outweighs all of my complaints including the sparse story.

Savsky1161d ago

I thought I disliked you, but now I don't