Console Gaming Is Cheaper If...

In this video, Zach Sharpe further dives into the PC VS Console debate. This time though, to fight on the side of consoles by discussing the one way console gaming can be cheaper than PC gaming.

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uth111188d ago

Time is money. PC requires a lot more time fixing things tweaking, messing with mods, upgrading. It adds up. People gloss over this.

I don't have that kind of time anymore so mostly game on console now

duplissi1188d ago

I wouldn't say a lot more, but is definitely more time managing your device.

To be completely honest: Mods and tweaking are not something you need to do, those are something that you choose to do. Also upgrading is not something you do frequently, if you can't spare an hour every couple of years (or more depending on when you want to upgrade), then you certainly don't have enough time to game at all.

Fixing things, now that is a legitimate thing you *may* have to spend time on, moreso than on a console. Things need to be broken, first. Obviously. Take care of you computer and this is far less likely to ever occur.

I'm not saying that you don't need to be more involved with your hardware and software when you game on a PC, this should be obvious. I am saying that it is not at all like you describe.

roland821188d ago

Messing with mods is not something you have to do. People do it because they enjoy it. If you have a powerful enough pc you don't have to do much tweaking. You just set everything to max and be done with it. If your pc isn't strong enough to put everything at max it's still nice to be able to tweak the settings to get a decent framerate and still have nice graphics.

Zsharpes1188d ago

I have 90 mods in Skyrim and just enjoyed the process of gathering them, tinkering with them, and then exploring a bit with them. However, none of that at all is needed to always push at the very least, the same graphical fidelity that is on console, on an older gaming rig.

3-4-51188d ago

All things cost money, all hobbies are expensive in some way.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1188d ago

Personally the tinkering is part of the joy to me, others like the sit and play. I like naughty dog too much not to have a PlayStation though, but should they ever go their separate ways I don't see myself buying a PS5

Roccetarius1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Just stop, Uth. You're still stuck in an age long past, because those points used to be valid but aren't anymore in 2015, and haven't been for some years now.

Why should anyone believe you even touched an upgradable part? Time is also not an excuse, because you just need to set your priorities straight.

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1381188d ago

What you save in money, you pay twofold in dignity.

DragonKnight1188d ago

What? How does one even come to that kind of conclusion?

With that kind of logic I could say paying into PC is paying into the right to be an arrogant douche.

1381188d ago

I mean, you could. You can do anything.

I don't feel like the most savvy consumer when I pay for console subscription fees, or for the same games at lower, locked settings for equal or greater prices.

DragonKnight1188d ago

But you feel like a savvy consumer supporting the biggest, most accepted DRM scheme, the most prolific use of pirating, and a development scene that actually promotes laziness on the part of developers because there are consumers out there who will do the work for free?

1381188d ago

Oh boy.

- Steam is DRM, sure. DRM is not inherently evil. It all depends on what you do with it. You do realize that Sony and Microsoft can kill current gen consoles on a whim, correct? Valve cannot do that to my PC. Hardware DRM is far more insidious and permanent than software DRM. Plus, you don't have to buy your games on Steam a lot of the time. There are many options. Storefronts with and without DRM, or even old-fashioned discs for us grannies with optical drives in our PCs.

- Really? Piracy? What year is it? Do you work PR for Ubisoft? Keep resting on that dusty old talking point from generations past while PC keeps proving to be a big, if not the biggest, source of income for numerous publishers. There's a reason why Japan perked up its cat ears and started throwing handfuls of games at Steam in the last year or so, culminating in the same-day release and magnificent port of MGSV:TPP.

- Most of the time modding is an enhancement, not "free labor for lazy devs". Occasionally a .ini file has to be altered to undo some console-style limitations in a bad port. Removing 30 FPS locks and whatnot. But that kind of thing is not exactly a matter of toiling away, compiling hours of code. Modding is a hobby for gaming enthusiasts. Adding what the developers may not have even thought about during development, or perhaps something that couldn't be included in the vanilla because of the looming corporate shackles of console parity. Modders added multiplayer to Just Cause 2. Soak that one in for a minute. That kind of enthusiastic ingenuity is what makes me love gamers.

Zsharpes1188d ago

I wouldn't say dignity, but rather fidelity. You don't get to play the games at the graphics/frame rate they were meant to.

Spotie1188d ago

Pretty certain I'd have less dignity if I had a mentality like yours. If buying into the PC scene means adopting that, I'll pass.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1188d ago

We're not all like him :) just the die hards, which are the vocal minority. Everyone else I know just enjoys their games, most of them on older or cheaper hardware.

I have no clue what he means by dignity though, I feel just fine playing on my PS4 too

maniacmayhem1187d ago

Why not Hicken, you have already accepted paying for mandatory online when you even admitted that you would never last gen.

It's funny the things you and others won't do unless forced by your favorite company.

Spotie1186d ago

@maniac: Please explain how my already paying for PS+ long before online was added for the PS4 only has anything to do with this.

GrimmQuiorra1188d ago

I was a console gamer until earlier this year when I finally built my PC. The initial buy in is definitely not cheap if you want a decent PC. Mostly because if you're smart enough you'll know that you really don't want to mess with cheap PC parts. Just not worth it.

That being said, I am able to buy recent games for a fraction of the price. For example, Mad Max is going for around $15. A game that was just released less than 2 weeks ago. That's not a rarity.

All in all, the initial buy in can get expensive very quickly, but I've basically made half the money I spent on my PC back cause of how cheap the games are in comparison to consoles.

That's just my 2 cents.

Zsharpes1188d ago

Exactly, I mentioned in my previous video discussing how PC Gaming (when you want ownership) is always cheaper in the long run. The initial buy in, even if you pay $1800, will still save you money over time due to Steam sales, Green Man Gaming, and G2A. How are you enjoying Mad Max?

nowitzki20041187d ago

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