Stop Taking Games So Literally - The "Nathan Drake Problem"

Like any other medium, games are built around tropes, dramatic devices and metaphors. We need to stop boiling them down to kill counts. In this editorial I examine the question "Is Nathan Drake a mass murderer?" and counter with a question of my own: "Why do you take games so literally?"

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jambola1188d ago

Few problems here

Starts off with an insult to "faux-intellectuals" then uses the word "pontificating", hard to take you seriously when you do that.
t's another one of those "I don't like this so it needs to stop" articles

People talking about these characters killing during gameplay are usually just pointing it out for a bit of fun anyway, not to mention people usually point out these things when it comes to games like uncharted 3 where he went 3 games murdering left and right but then *Spoilers* he has such an issue letting one person die st the end, or gta 4 where from what i remember, Nico came to America to leave the violent life but when he gets there he can go on rampages through the town murdering left and right, again usually pointed out for fun

"Other mediums are no longer subject to this level of literalism"
other mediums don't usually have such a difference betwee characters in one part to the next

"If your takeaway from these games is to ask where the international criminal tribune is to bring Nathan Drake or Lara Croft to justice for the criminal acts then you have missed the point entirely."
No, it just means they asked a question, nobody goes away from these games with that being the only thing in their head,

" These questions are far more interesting when examining a game’s content than focusing on “How many died?”"
Again, nobody is focusing too much on it, usually just a little comment that someone makes, the only one taking things too seriously or focusing on something too much is you.

"hat kind of shallow thinking is tantamount to complaining that there are no toilets on the Starship Enterprise because bathrooms are never depicted,"
No, no it isn't, but if someone did mention that would you write a full article complaining about people joking about that too?

"Interactive storytelling has come a long way, and we should expect better from the audience, and critics alike." yes, yes we should, but unfortunately people like you keep getting approved who can't let people have fun.

miyamoto1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

It's a fact that that "shallow thinking" of labeling Drake as a mass murderer is from shallow thinkers who are devout fans of the other competing platforms like the Xbox 360 and the Wii.

Being ridiculously stupid and ignorant in front of the public is not a good way of having fun.

What's even more stupid is that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix got the wrong interpretation of Nathan Drake thought its really cool for Lara Croft to straight up mimic Drake without any sense of responsibility.

A farcry from the real Lara Croft we know and love.

-Foxtrot1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

"A farcry from the real Lara Croft we know and love"

So true

One scene she's crying telling Roth she can't do this, how she's just killed her first human being.

The next scene shows her going Rambo to take down enemy after enemy. No development giving us some scenes to show her progress into a killer.

You'd think the start of the game would heavily feature stealth so she doesn't have to do it then near the end when she has to save someone's life and her own she faces up to what she HAS to do because she's finally become numb after all everything that's happened putting the theme of the game, "survival" to the test

Crappy development. Least Drake is straight up about it

"Oh yeah well I like to find trouble, I like the thrill of it, I love finding treasure and these guys are going to kill me so I'll kill them first to survive"

jambola1187d ago

Actually it's not a fact at all, nowhere close

Imalwaysright1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

"Lara Croft to straight up mimic Drake without any sense of responsibility"

That's a lie but I'm going to ask anyway... How is Lara mimicking the Drake?

@ -Foxtrot

"Crappy development. Least Drake is straight up about it "

Just as crappy as having the Drake shooting waves of people in the head and 5 seconds later cracking up a joke with one of his friends as if nothing had happened. That's not survival, that's straight up psychopathic behavior.

-Foxtrot1186d ago

Cracking a joke over the situation they've just got out of....enemies shooting at them

Have you even played the Uncharted games. Drakes development is flawless compared to Lara

Imalwaysright1186d ago

Laughing with your buddies after killing 10 people in a minute isn't something that a normal person would do. I understand ND goal but The Drake and his friends are ´presented as being psychopaths. Not something that I would call flawless character development...

Lara's personality on the other hand fits what she goes through and what she does in the game. She feels 100% more real than the Drake.

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Spotie1187d ago

It's been my experience that people calling Drake a mass murderer are not just joking. Most of them are trolls, but they're truly trying to use that as a negative point against the character and franchise.

Soldiers spend years shooting and being shot at; do they suddenly not care if someone close to them dies? Your criticism of Nathan on this front makes no sense.

For all that you SAY people only bring these things up for fun, why is there not one example of it being that way? Could you not have provided one instance where, after making such a claim, the comment's author adds an "lol" at the end?

On the other hand:

Just a few of the many articles, and I don't see anything that indicates a comical tone.

Another problem is that it's Nate that's been singled out. People have to counter with questioning Mario, and these accusations are new to Lara Croft. You could say the same for MOST protagonists, especially of action adventure games. RPG protagonists could be strung up for animal cruelty charges, but... nobody seems to care unless it's Drake.

Talk about letting people have fun, why not understand that these games are meant to be fun, and not ask stupid questions like "Why is it okay for Drake to kill so many people?"

jambola1187d ago

maybe Nate is singled out because at the end of uncharted 3 he has a random moment where he tries to save the villain, after killing hundreds of people he suddenly decides to try and save her after Talbot saying "you can't let her die"
why the sudden caring of life?

NukaCola1187d ago

Drake is a mass murdered like Mario is a junky who is on the run from PETA. Nathan shoots criminals.

Take it for what it is. Action, jokes, and adventure.

JWiLL5521187d ago

"Drake is a mass murdered like Mario is a junky who is on the run from PETA."

This is amazing. I'm going to steal this and totally take credit for it :P

scark921188d ago

A barrier stops you from progressing a certain way in a linear game.

People: "Why not just over it, its small"

When people actually say this and mean it I cringe.

Aloy-Boyfriend1187d ago

People who say Nathan Drake is a murderer have no understanding of the Drake Character at all. In what game protagonist don't kill human beings? How can these people ignore or not pay attention to those story bits or details that define the characters' true personality?

jb2271187d ago

Totally agree...that's not to mention that it's not as if Drakes murders aren't provoked. When some dude starts popping off rounds at him, is he supposed to just stand up & take one in the chest? It's all in self defense & it's never gratuitous...not like he's ripping heads off with his bare hands and bathing in the blood, also not like the same criticisms couldn't be lobbed at literally every other single game involving guns in the history of the medium. Fighting in a war is no more (and in some cases much less) justifiable than self defense honestly, regardless of how people feel about that.

troubouli1187d ago

Nathan Drake is a murderer is definitely not a murderer

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