Infinite Undiscovery OST detailed

Sony has revealed that the OST of Xbox 360 exclusive Infinite Undiscovery will be released on October 8, 2008; a bit less than a month after the Japanese release on September 11.

The soundtrack will include two CD's of high quality tracks from the game for the cost of 3,000 Yen, which is approx. $28 USD.

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Poor Xbots3516d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, "Sony has revealed that the OST of Xbox 360 exclusive Infinite Undiscovery will be released on October 8, 2008"? Poor Xbots, SONY? Poor Xbots, it looks like in time it will come to the PS3 :)

Poor Xbots

Funny Poor Xbots3515d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, the rrod discovery have been found infinite times.

Poor Xbots, I'm Funny Poor Xbots.

gaffyh3516d ago

I know it's just business, but it's really weird seeing a Xbox exclusive game have an OST that is made by Sony.

I guess this means that even Sony makes some money from this game cos Square will have to pay them for the OST right?

Also @ a lot of people who will probably come in here saying "this means the game is coming to PS3", I don't think it means that.

militant073515d ago

its not
the game published by microsoft game studio

Bombibomb3515d ago

Published by Square-Enix, not Microsoft. Same as Star Ocean 4.

SixTwoTwo3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Seeing Sony and Xbox in the same sentence like ie definitely weird. Its usually when those two are in the same sentence its an argument.

@1.1... Sorry champ but its published by SqEx.

Hellraizer3515d ago

Its not the same as SO4. IU is funded by MS, MS was publisher first, then they gave the rights to SE.

Its nothing unusual here, I wouldn't wonder if we see Sony Pictures on Xbox Live, Sony BMG is already there.

Jack Bauer3515d ago

actually MS does own the rights to the game...from the IU site in disclaimers stuff "Infinite Unidsicovery, MS, Xbox, ..., are trademarks of MS group of companies..."

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BlackRaven853515d ago

Yeah, Sony Music isn't the same as Sony's gaming department.

riqued3515d ago

Yeah, but imagine if musics and movies from Sony went to xbox live and not to PSN... That would be weird even if they are from different departments.

Viktor E3515d ago

Will be heard by Xbox 360 players soon enough

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3515d ago

They already heard the sounds of FLOP.I hear another 360 RROD right now.

Viktor E3515d ago

Will ring loud and clear through the Cheap Speakers used by Xbox 360 players to play their Compressed Software Packages

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3515d ago

Just like the boring repetitive music of Too Human.

Bom.....Bom.....Bom.......sno re

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The story is too old to be commented.