Black Hound Isn't Kojima's Game, but It Is Inspired by P.T

A short while ago a website popped up on the internet that, on first glance, looked like it could possibly be Hideo Kojima’s next game. All signs did point to it being the legendary director’s latest project, but it was speculated that the site was nothing more than a hoax and that ‘Black Hound’ was just a made up title to draw interest.

Well, the countdown timer has since run its course and we’ve finally had what we suspected confirmed: it’s not a Hideo Kojima game, but it is inspired by his most terrifying product.

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DarkOcelet1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

I think the only game right now that actually captured P.T.'s atmosphere was Layers Of Fear. Hell, the woman who haunts you in the game has the same death animation from P.T. lol.

I really believe Silent Hills could have been one of the best horror games of all time. Damn you Konami for cancelling it.

Also this is interesting....