Apple TV Changes Everything. Well, Besides Gaming…

"The hyperbole around the Apple TV’s importance going into this year’s marquee event for the fruit-named manufacturer was at times staggering. Analysts and journalists alike spilled seas of digital ink espousing the advances that Apple could showcase for a product that hadn’t been meaningfully enhanced for over three years. This was supposed to be the play that would change the living room in a way that only Apple could."

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Thatguy-3101166d ago

Apple TV is similar to having a smart tv which I already have. Not that impressive some the majority of the stuff I'm able to do already

AHall881165d ago

You might upset Apple fans.
Or worse yet, get sued by Apple for whatever reason they can think up.

1165d ago
johndoe112111165d ago

I cannot for the life of me figure out why so many articles are coming out acting like this is the second coming or something. Am I missing something?

Aenea1165d ago

Many people mistakingly thought that Apple would introduce a way more powerful device that could rival the PS4 and X1.

Kaizin5141165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

@johndoe11211 I am in the same boat. I don't recall anyone ever saying the Apple TV was supposed to be the next big gaming console (hell, I don't recall it even supposedly being the next big "Ouya" and we saw how well that failed).

Apple, from what I am seeing, made their Apple TV more streamlined, "powerful", and gave it app support. Good for those who already use the Apple TV and want an upgrade, and meh for those who don't use it anyways. I don't see it selling more or less than it already does. Seeing all these "second coming" articles is getting really old, really fast.

EDIT: I hit reply under johndoe11211 but apparently I am making my own comment.

WeAreLegion1165d ago

So, why would anyone buy an Apple TV? That's what I'm wondering. With so many cheaper streaming devices, it makes no sense.

Aenea1165d ago

And why wouldn't they? The one I have wasn't that expensive, €65 when I got it, sure I could've gotten a cheaper Chromecast or somesuch but since I already have an iPad and an iMac the Apple TV was an easier choice because of AirPlay.

It does what I want it to do though and don't see the need to upgrade to a new one...

WeAreLegion1165d ago

I'm talking about the new Apple TV. It's $149. Why would anyone buy it?

I'm sure AirPlay is nice if you have an iMac, but why would anyone have an iMac?

Aenea1165d ago

"I'm sure AirPlay is nice if you have an iMac, but why would anyone have an iMac?"

Ohh, I dunno, because I like OS X better than Linux and Windows, perhaps??

Anyways, that comment makes you one of those anti-Apple people who don't understand why anyone would buy something that they don't like. Different people have different needs and interests and tastes, simple as that...

WeAreLegion1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

That comment makes me someone who likes messing with other people. I like OS X just as much as I like Windows. I think it's less intuitive and that Macs are preposterously overpriced, but it's a great system. The whole Mac vs. PC thing is ridiculous. They basically function the same, anyway. One of them just costs you more. I guess that's what I don't understand. Why spend more money than you have to?

Aenea1164d ago

Well, I got sick of Windows, when I wanted to try stuff out coding wise I ended up using Cygwin or Mint a lot, so I switched to Linux but after a few years got fed up with manually having to install lots of crap every once in a while. Sure it can be handy to have total control but not when you just got out of bed and want the damn thing to just work.

Then I needed a new computer and a new monitor, I wanted a bigger one, a 27", looked around for prices and they weren't cheap at that time, I had dabbled with Hackintoshes earlier and thought of an iMac but assumed they were specs wise way too expensive, but that year was before a price raise 'cos of exchange rates and the price wasn't that different for a same specced regular PC with a good 27" monitor and when I saw a discount since the new models were coming it was actually even lower so I went with it.

Have to say the prices have gone up so much again I don't think my next desktop machine will be an Apple, but I do like the OS way more than WIndows and it just works unlike Linux while it still gives me the Unix stuff I need for my coding crap...

And yes, the whole PC vs. Mac (or any x vs. y thing really) is silly.

NexusFX1165d ago

Honestly I think this is a first step towards being a console replacement. All of us here have to remember as much as we love gaming, we are still like the 1%, most people game on Apple devices (and Android but not nearly as much despite having more devices) and the next version could actually challenge the power of next gen consoles, along with having the casual gaming market tied up potentially, definitely a wait and see thing but I think they may be able to do it.

Aenea1165d ago

If this thing sells they might introduce a new model every year like they do with their other devices and they might make one that has PS4/X1 specs before the PS5/X2 are released...

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