Ghost Recon gets an attitude - and altitude - adjustment in Wildlands | OXM

Alex Dale:

"There are two schools of thought on Wildlands. One says it’s a brash GTA wannabe that betrays Ghost Recon’s grounding in team-based tactical warfare. The other side argues it’s a much-needed modernisation of a flagging series; one that transplants the action into an exotic, reactive open world, where stealthy stake-outs are still on the menu, but players have the agency to blaze a louder trail to their objective."

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Bigpappy1166d ago

I ha been laying off of shooters as of late, b this game and Halo are quite intriguing. I love the random felling that Ghost gave (even though it wasn't). Here is hoping this one is truly open and unscripted.

Grown Folks Talk1165d ago

As a fan of the Summit Strikes/Island Thunder, I don't see how open world is a complaint. They used to give you the canvas & objectives, then let you go about it however you wished. Can't wait for this game.

UKmilitia1165d ago

the originals that was open world was awesome.
Wildlands looks really good imo and i made me miss old ghost recons.
not saying future soldier etc was crap as i enjoyed them but just miss the old ones.

Grown Folks Talk1165d ago

Indeed. Love Future Soldier as well.

medman1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

I've been off shooters for a few years now myself, but Ghost Recon looks like the one to pull me back in....

user99502791165d ago

if this game doesnt have competitive pvp i will be pissed. Ghost Recon has been among my favorite series for nearly 15 years, and Future Soldier was one of my favorite games last gen. these are multiplayer games. Though the split screen coop guerilla mode was the standout in FS.

BattleAxe1165d ago

Should be a great game, can't wait!

Becuzisaid1165d ago

The original ghost recon games, pre-advanced warfighter, are excellent. Advanced warfighter was ok, but not my favorite.