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Yes yes, we all love Quiet's boobs and her sniping abilities. But what about the rest of the game? Is there more to this than just a sexy sniper people can't seem to get enough of?... and her solid silver or gold boobs?

...Wait, what game is this again?

Reviewed on PC.


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MysticStrummer1191d ago

Sure, it's more than that… or those… but damn.

She is very scantily clad, but I'm actually wanting to unlock her Sniper Wolf skin.

OhMyGandhi1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

So. I absolutely love Metal Gear, but this game...just isn't really doing it for me. I don't know what it is. I know I will probably be crucified for this, but the game isn't as engaging as I was expecting it to be. Take, for instance, the actual stealth gameplay, which feels wildly inconsistent. In some areas, I can run around wildly in broad daylight and I won't get detected. I crouch walk in pitch black darkness, and someone sees me from across the map.

I also dislike how disjointed the world feels. I can hop onto a rock from a few feet below, but I can't jump onto certain crates, or shimmy along certain edges. I can't jump from one shipping container to another, and the using the bionic arm to attract attention seems to rarely ever work.

This game has a massive budget, made by a massive team. But I feel like this game, of all Metal Gear games, feels like it was designed by commitee, rather a singular, focused vision from Kojima.

My biggest beef is how tedious it is to travel the world, forced to end up at the same chokepoints, without having the physical ability to meander the tough terrain. I am a super spy dude, with a ton of resources, and a huge floating base in the ocean, and I can barely jump, or actually be nimble enough to employ many years of experience?

I am discussing pure gameplay right now, not the story, not the characters, not the music or anything else.

I'm about 20 hours into the game at this point, and while there are moments of genuine tension and excitement, I haven't been swept off my feet like the previous iterations in the series.