Can Sony’s Upcoming VR Headset define Virtual Reality?

PS4News: "It’s safe to say that if Sony follow the same direction and energy they have put into the PS4, then it’s a guaranteed winner."

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Eonjay1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I feel that it might. Not saying whether its good or bad, but their ecosystem will become a huge target for VR developers. And obviously, the PS4 and Morpheus will be the lowest barriers to entry for the money invested. I'm pretty sure those are both strong valid factors.

Thatguy-3101187d ago

Seeing how many consoles they've moved out there by know I can see how they'll market it. This has the best chance of making it mainstream since the ps4 is the "it" console. If they release it at 250$-300$ with a lot of promising software then it could be a game changer. Excited to see what the upcoming months bring since PGW, TGS, PSX are around the corner.

someOnecalled1186d ago

You talking about a fanbase that always complaining about how much something cost even if it improves gameplay and performance is going to want to pay for a ps4 and Morpheus. The same group that clown on pc gamers about looking stupid and nerdy playing at a desk is gonna want to play with goggles on. The fanbase that says its stupid to buy accessories like better kb, mouse, monitors,gpu ram, etc. For better gameplay and performance, but its OK for console but limited and most like not as good.

The contradictions continues. If sony don't sell a lot of this with the so called lowest barrier, fanboys will be changing their tune talking about how they never wanted vr and how its too much, gimmick, while on pc it will continue to grow not depending on one company.

Oh and we are use to buying accessories or components that cost of the price of a controller. Console gamers the most they would do is a collectors edition. So who is the bigger ecosystem. They fanbase that don't by products over $60 and want things simple even if they're getting ripped off, or the fanbase that won't mind to try new thing and won't minded investing. Remember most kickstarter are funded by pc gamers. They don't even give a console option or it don't make it to the console goal so only give out pc keys. We buy hotas, flight sticks, game sticks, race wheels, etc .

Do you think a fanbase that don't like buying stuff, care how they look playing a game, don't like things complicated is going support this as heavy as y'all are thinking

S2Killinit1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

All I know is that its going to be great. I don't know about 'defining'.

Day one for me.

PistolsAtDawn1187d ago

It depends how we define "defining" will be the cheapest and most accessible, but it won't be the best or most innovative.

Eonjay1187d ago

"it won't be the best or most innovative"

We have to define most innovative. If innovation is something that hasn't been done befoe that nearly every headset will qualify. You can argue that its the games that will innovate not the device. .

jb2271187d ago

For console purposes, it'll be the only one in existence, on the fastest & highest selling console this gen with plenty of support from some of the most talented devs in all of gaming. If we define "defining" as the one with the best experiences in its market, then yeah it'll do pretty well. All of the people who have actually played it have seemed to see promise in it, tell me what did you think of Morpheus when you tried it?

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WeAreLegion1187d ago

I think PlayStation and Oculus need to continue to play friendly with this stuff. It is beneficial to both of them and the future of the technology for both devices to have a strong presence.

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