Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition Pricing Causes Controversy

J Station X: The pricing of the Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition causes controversy for being too expensive. Fans say that the CE is not worth the high price.

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SaveFerris1165d ago

People will vote with their wallets. I can see some of these overpriced 'collectors editions' being discounted after the game releases.

freshslicepizza1165d ago

if the supply is limited it might be valued even higher. if there is quite a few the price will drop quit fast. so you take your chances. at the end of the day nobody has to buy it and it does come with a 14 inch statue.

otherZinc1164d ago

See, this is what happens when people overrate games. The 1st Mirrors Edge wasn't that good, yet, sites overrated it. Now, they went nuts with an inflated price.

TWB1164d ago

Lol, no way...

The game didnt even spark on the american market from what I heard but it was a moderate success in europe and bunch of people liked it.

I like it. Its not super amazing but extremely enjoyable when you get in-depth with it.

This price has nothing to do with sites fanboying over the game, the statue already probably costs a bunch but they are after profits here.

IMHO, you dont do collectors editions for money (considering how limited in quantities they are)... they are something nice to give for the fans.

-Foxtrot1164d ago

Oh all my years collecting editions, this is not a £159.99 edition.

I feel like you get more in the AC Ubisoft Store editions and they are £119.99 tops.

For this to be worth the price it would need to have...

A Bigger Statue

The Steelbook would have much better art, not the plain one they have

The full OST would be included within the Steelbook

A full on artbook

The Season Pass (All DLC)

Razputin1165d ago

Little known secret, a lot of them do. Just have to know where to look.

Some editions that were $150+, can sometimes be found for under $50.

tanukisuit1165d ago

Hey Christopher, did you know I was one of those (very few) idiots that bought the CE at full price? Thanks for making me feel bad (again), lol.

fitfox1165d ago

whens this games release date?

WizzroSupreme1165d ago

There are usually plenty of collector's editions available long after release, and usually half off if the game's bad or good anyway. Look at how many FF Type-0 Day One editions are floating around on eBay.

richmoral1165d ago

Day One Edition is not the same as Collector's Edition. I wanted to get it at Best Buy but they sold out of the Collector's Edition a long time ago.

-Foxtrot1164d ago

A Day One Edition is not the same

You can't find this anywhere at such a low price

dumahim1165d ago

Just announced? Even the link he provided for the "announcement news post" is dated July 9th.

Jasmino9241165d ago

The CE was "just announced" as a UK exclusive with the retailer GAME and the backlash to its pricing is also quite recent. The CE wasn't just announced in general.

That wasn't clear in the post so I have since removed "just announced" from the article.

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The story is too old to be commented.