Demons Age Backstory Revealed for the PS4, Xbox One and PC Release

Today, Bigmoon Entertainment announced the first story details about the Demons Age backstory. This game takes shape as a classic turn-base RPG with beautiful realistic graphics. Take a dive deep into the rich storyline that will unfold in this upcoming Q1 2-16 PS4, Xbox One and PC game release.

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DirtyPete1186d ago

I think the game sounds cool-ish but it doesn't sound unique at all. I might play it I might not.

MeliMel1186d ago

I thought it was some Lord of the Ring rpg. The guys mask looks like Sauron. But yeah id like to see more fisrt. Sounds intresting tho.

stormswrath1183d ago

Sounds cool to me and any crpg we get on consoles is worth a look for fans of the genre who don't game on pc cause we get so few on consoles. Maybe that tren is beginning to change considering consoles are getting divinity original sin enhanced edition and now demons age.