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The hack ‘n’ slash Warriors series has been going for several years now and in its time Koei Tecmo have managed to add a good number of cross-over specials to their franchise. Previous cross-overs include the Japanese mecha series Gundam (Dynasty Warriors: Gundam), Nintendo’s epic Zelda franchise (Hyrule Warriors) and coming up is the Square Enix’s JRPG series Dragon Quest (Dragon Quest Heroes). Then there’s the epic pirate adventure; One Piece Pirate Warriors. This mix of Warriors massive scale fights with One Piece’s completely mad plot makes it a complete winner. Many times in the show you’ll see the straw hat crew mowing down wave after wave of enemies culminating in boss fights, so to actually do that gives fans a massive sense of satisfaction.

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GamerGabs1161d ago

The style of the manga/anime looks like it's been re-created really well. As a fan of the series, and also Warrior games, it looks like I'm going to have to pick this one up and give it a try.

TomatoDragon1161d ago

This game had been getting great reviews. Will pick up after Until Dawn.

krontaar1161d ago

Gameplay was very repetitive but for some reason I couldnt put it down. Played for over 30 hours and still had tons to do. Really great game especially if you like one piece.