5 Things an Annoying Gamer Does When Losing Online

Do you know an annoying gamer? Odd are, if you play online, you have at least ran into a fair share of pretty annoying gamers out there. The thing about an annoying gamer is, there are plenty of them and they all do the same types of things when they lose online. Nothing is more daunting then landing in a lobby with one of these types of gamers.

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DirtyPete1162d ago

If I had a dollar for every time I ran into one of these online... I'd be a billionaire... when I put it that way if I spent more time doing something useful rather than whining about annoying gamers then I would also be a billionaire...

thorstein1161d ago

The funny thing is that there was a recent study about the ones that act so terribly...and it turns out that they are losers..really.

wakeNbake1161d ago

The ones I hate the most are those that have to complain every single time they get killed, and then blame it on the netcode,hit detection, lag,etc.

3-4-51161d ago

* An unhealthy % of Humans are delusional, and can't handle when the outcome is different than they thought it would be.

* Doing good = " I'm so good, you suck bro "

* Doing Bad = " They are obviously cheating" or " It's all this lag ! "

^ worst gamers ever

phoenixwing1161d ago

I feel worse for having clicked the article. It's full of bad writing, simple grammatical errors, and even using the word "it" to mean a gamer.

XboxOneX1161d ago

Annoying gamers and Grammir Naziz are the most annoying people.

ifistbrowni1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

absolutely. I have a head-ache from trying to read it....

Losing and quit**** I feel the author needed a lesson in spelling.

GetSomeLoGiK1161d ago

I like when you win and they say you suck at the game...but we just won..

ZohaibKhan1161d ago

Lose 10 games. Win 1: gg no re /quit

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