Fallout 4: The 3 Goods and The 3 Bads

"Fallout 4 is coming. Are you? If you’re still here, which I don’t blame you if you aren’t, I’d like to discuss the things Bethesda seems to be doing right this time round, as well as those unavoidable other things. At this point, we know very little, so we’ll limit ourselves to the three most probable changes, which have us excited and worried the most.

Note, that the best anyone can do at this point is an educated guess so some assumptions may be wrong. You know, don’t up and boycott the game because I mentioned somewhere that Dogmeat lacks testicle physics or something, as that might not be the case in the final product. Anyway, let’s start on a negative note so that we may end on a positive one."

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XboxOneX1161d ago

Goods? Bads? Have you played the game to judge it?

EazyC1160d ago

He meant prospectively, based on what has been shown/otherwise disclosed already. Some of his points are actually valid and well-argued. I do agree with the skills point being an based on an arbitrary number (like how science and lockpick only mattered in 25-point increments). I hope they make you really choose what skillsets you will specialise in. That only makes me worry about the lack of a level-cap, though. There is no incentive to play the game on another playthrough as you can exhaust every possible combination on just one.

maximaz1159d ago

Exactly. Clearly that was a discussion based on what we know.

Boysangur1159d ago

He states specifically that this is speculation on how things look at this point.

SlightlyRetarted1161d ago

I wonder when we see some gameplay that shows conversation wheel and leveling in depth. Those are things i worry most...and can i adjust crosshair size. It's looks friggin huge.

WizzroSupreme1161d ago

I'll be the judge of that when the game actually launches.