GTA Online Freemode Events - No PS3 Or Xbox 360 Release

The major component of the next update for GTA V - Free Mode Events - will not be made available for PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Is this the start of the decline in last-generation console support for GTA 5?

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AizenSosuke1165d ago

Move onto Next gen? (Question btw).

Wuket1165d ago

Yup, must almost be that time. Opening up backwards compat on the Xbox one will help ease the pain!

AizenSosuke1165d ago

Agreed, I like the BW approach to games and thanks.

Skate-AK1165d ago

Yep. Won't be much longer until everything that comes out on PS3 and 360 is either COD, sports or some other type of yearly release.