5 Reasons to Get Excited About Destiny: The Taken King

With the release of Destiny: The Taken King coming just next Tuesday, September 15, there are many reasons for fans to be excited about the new content.

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WizzroSupreme1189d ago

I might just get back into Destiny just for Taken King.

Skate-AK1189d ago

I haven't played it yet but I figure that will be the best time to jump in. I am waiting until October though. With the new PS4 firmware coming it will be easier than ever to find a party using the new group feature.

freshslicepizza1189d ago

it almost seems like a whole new relaunch of the game. only a year later and it appears to be the game it was supposed to be.

Dynasty20211188d ago

This is what is pissing veterans off that have been playing since day one.

We're expected to pay $40/£40 etc for the Taken King as a separate download, but for about £20 more you can get the base game and all the previous DLC as well? Talk about a big F-you to people that paid like £70+ on day one.

And yes, this whole year has basically been a beta and testing ground of features.

Patch 2.0 that came out last week though...has changed everything for the so much better already. This week alone has been the best Destiny experience.

Hopefully the new content is actually worth it.

Now is the single best time to join, and you can see that the changes being made reflect that. You get a free upgrade to level 25 with a new character etc.

The new "story" of the Taken King is 7-ish hours long, and the actual story includes the new strikes and the raid at the end.

The way everything is looking, it seems like the game is becoming far more logical and streamlined and balanced.

People are pissed that their legendary gear wont be carried through to the Taken King and becomes basically useless as our guns will be doing half the damage as the new gear, but that's not how MMO's work - at some point, gear HAS to become redundant.

That one guy 861189d ago

Pve content, when brand new can be fun with friends. After a while, its a repetitive grind just for loot. Pvp can be fun from a casual stand point, but on a competitive level, this games a joke. The god fathers of ranked matchmatching wont implement it in this game, because they know what an unbalanced mess it is. Overall the preview has saved me $40. Thanks bungie

kneon1188d ago

"unbalanced mess" are exactly the words I used to describe the pvp. After the alpha I never once stepped into the crucible again.

The_KELRaTH1189d ago

The other issue is you really need friends playing of a similar level to yourself, a level 40 isnt going to be playing with a level 16 as whats the point as theres no gains playing much lower levels.

PSIN4MANT1189d ago

It literally takes a couple hours to hit 20. And bounties have become easier to obtain (Vanguard bounties can be completed during crucible)

You no longer have to even go to the tower to turn anything in you can complete quests right from the quest menu.

Leveling is ridiculous easy... I just leveled a hunter today.

Redgehammer1189d ago

I am excited; however, I'm a Destiny zealot!

Jeff2571188d ago

I am pretty excited for The Taken King to come out. I have had a Hunter since day one and started a Warlock yesterday. I got him to level 24 by the time I had re ran all the main story missions and two strikes that you have to complete in quests. Still have to finish leveling out both sub-classes and complete those quests as well. Next week will be when I start a Titan to see if it will be faster to level since the patrol missions will be giving out XP as well. If you have been on the fence about getting this game until now it is a great time to get into it. Yes the game is much better than it was a year ago but I'm not complaining about it or even mad that yes people who buy the game now get it cheaper. It is the way things go with these types of games.