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With the resurgence of board games in the last decade or so, we have seen some new classics appear on both mobile and consoles, where everything from Settlers of Catan to Carcassonne have been adapted. However while board games themselves are now including tablet supplementary apps, Armello is built from the ground up to be on digital formats. Despite a few teething issues, Armello might be one of the best digital board games available.

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Angeljuice1187d ago

I was gutted when this didn't win the free game vote on PS4. Instead we got yet another platformer (I hate platformers).

RpgSama1187d ago

I voted for this game as well, but at least for me, one of the mistakes was not showing gameplay in the Vote to Play trailer, I knew what the game was about and I voted for it, but a lot of people were left in the blue by just having that as a guideline.