An Incomplete MGSV: The Phantom Pain Offers Clue To Why Kojima Was Let Go By Konami

GameRevolution: "It was unfathomable when Hideo Kojima had a dramatic break-up with Konami. Working together for 28 years didn't seem to matter as both the legendary Metal Gear creator and Japanese publisher split paths in a way that left gamers in shock.

No official reason has been given for the break up, but the recent release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain offers a clue as to what happened.

The initial wave of acclaim following MGSV: The Phantom Pain's release has been largely replaced with discussion about how its story didn't live up to expectations—as a Metal Gear fan I certainly agree. Although its superb presentation and gameplay challenge any notion that it isn't a great game, fans expecting a mind-blowing conclusion to the Metal Gear saga anywhere near as interesting as the pre-release hype (i.e. Moby Dick Studios) have been left scratching their heads."

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Wedge191162d ago

I want to avoid reading due to spoilers!

freshslicepizza1162d ago

sounds like the game wasn't really finished even after all these years and a budget of 80 million dollars. so he either got sick of being told to stay on budget and got a forced date to release it or they grew tired of him trying to call all the shots and not caring about budgets and timelines.

that's why i'd love to see him try ans start up his own studio. let's see him finance his own games and make something good besides mgs games.

equal_youth1162d ago

I just finished it... damn.. i'm sad :/ and that kick right into my balls still hurts.
Satisfaction definitely feels different. I am still hocked on the gameplay but...

JonnyBigBoss1162d ago

The gameplay is outstanding. No doubt.

flyingwombat331162d ago

Yea, I understand where this article is coming from. Chapter 1 was great, and I expected the game to be a little less story driven than in the past. The second chapter wouldn't feel so Damn incomplete if It weren't for the fact that they put in some of the best moments in the game in the second chapter. If the 2nd chapter just felt like a Grindy endgame, it wouldn't be a problem, but instead it feels lime the skeleton of the second half of a larger arc.